Vince walks back in the room in one hand a big sack and the other something I cannot see. He throws the giant bag down in front of him.

"Rose, read what's under the tile please." he says smiling at me

I walk over to the tile "The Sacrifice among the souls catches the glow of the crystal best"

"What the fuck does that mean." says Chase still testing Vince

The thing in the hand of Vince starts glowing purple he lets it go and it flies in front of my face. I stare at it as it floats in front of me glowing brighter and brighter. Vince walks over to the bag and unzips it.

"Ray!!" I scream 

He looks cold and still. No movement from him at all. The crystal flies around me as I stare at Raymond's body.

"Ro-rose?" he opens his eyes and looks at me

"RAY!" I scream with excitement

I crouch beside him and hug him and the reach my hand out to touch his face. As I'm doing so the crystal flies into my hand.


The crystal moves around so the face only shows while the rest is covered by my skin.

"Rose you can live happily here with Ray and I." Vince says smiling 

Ray gets up and offers his hand to me so I take it and stand up beside him. I look at the crystal now stuck inside my hand.

"Lee and Chad, I suggest you too look around the castle more so you know where everything is."

"But wh- Lee pushes Chad on ward so he doesn't say anything stupid and they leave the room

"I'll show you lovers your room. You've had quite the day if I must say so myself." Vince walks out the room so Ray and I follow.

We walk down the stairs into the thrown room and go into the right corridor and walk into the very last room. It's huge with red carpet and a bed with black covers and a huge dresser beside it. 

"You kids have fun." Vince walks out the room

I look at Ray and take his hand and smile at him.

"I missed you so much, Rose!" he smiles taking my other hand

"I missed you just as much!" I look down at our hands "Where is your matching bracelet?"

"I must of lost it.."

"What do you mean you lost it??! We got the ones that we're secure"

"Well it must not have been.."

"Oh.." I let go of his hands and sit down in the chair beside the dresser "Hey Ray, what was the name of that poem  wrote for you?"

"I love you?"

"Yeah, sorry I just thought about how much you liked it." I smile at him and open the dresser drawer and look around. Empty. I look in the next one. Empty. I look at the last there's a secret compartment. I open it up it's a note

Run ~Ray  <3

I knew something was weird about this 'Raymond'.

The End

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