The Missing PieceMature

We walked into the masters 'room' there was no bed or anything you'd expect in an actual room. There was lots of paper scattered around I recognized one of the papers which was the man with holes in him. It says his name was Kent I stared at his smiling face. I remembered how sad he was when I saw him.

"That was Skitis." says Lee noticing I was looking at his picture

"Where did the name Skits come from? It says his name is Kent." I said looking at Lee

"Well he was in the army at war that's where he got the name Skits cause he would draw out the plan for the commander." Lee says smiling at how smart she is

"Hey can you both help me lift this up?" Chad says looking down a the huge stone tile

Lee and I walk over and we all pick up the tile and lift it up putting it on its side against the wall. The lights go out you can see Lees eyes glowing red and Chads body glowing green 

"Rose you're purple." he says laughing

"Well your green." I say taunting back

The lights come back on and we all look at the door which is sliding open

"I see you all know too much now." The master walks in the room

"You see" the master says removing his hood uncovering the horror of which his face holds "You are all my pets, I own you all. I am Lord Vince." His yellow hollow eyes travel down my body "Rose, did you ever question why you have faced difficulties the entire time?" 

"No.. I figured it's just how it was suppose to be." I say watching his eyes move up my body

"Cute.. very cute!" he walks closer to me "All my hard work is what you have seen so far. Are you impressed with me? The work of a demon has come quite far if I do say so myself."


"Chad you no longer are a soul!" Vince says as he flings a crystal at Chad

"AHHHHHHH!!" Chad gets back up from the floor as a monster and runs back to the corner with Lee

"Rose I have something for you!" Vince says as he walks out the door to get the 'surprise'

"I'm so sorry Rose.." Lee says as she looks down at the ground

The End

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