The master comes flying through the door as the door crashes hard against the wall and throws a girl against the wall in front of me.

Wait? I know her! She's that red headed girl I met back on the road. She meets eye contact with me fear is in her green eyes and she looks like she's about to cry. The master flies over to the table I'm under. He reeks like death and he picks up a crystal and throw it at the red headed girl. She dodges it falling down on the ground he throws another it hits her.

Black smoke surrounds her. She became one of them the furry black creatures.

"Now Lee, you will never disobey me again." he says still standing right in front of me

She starts sobbing as she's still laying on the ground and her now red eyes stare into mine.

"Hopefully I won't need another slave to help me get things done around here." the master walks out the front door closing it behind him.

She's still sobbing as I crawl from under the table and stare at her.

"Chad, you can come out now" I say keeping eye contact with Lee

Chad comes out the door and looks at me then Lee

"Who is this?" 

"She's a friend I found on the road." Lee stops crying wiping the tears form her eyes and stands up.

"I can help you get out if you want..-

"Rose, my name is Rose" I say smiling friendly at her.

"It's nice to meet you Rose. When you started running from the creature I was so terrified I didn't move so he knocked me over and.. I started to bleed!"

"So he had to take you then." Chad says solving all this in his own mind.

"Yes, he threw something at Rose and she vanished then picked me up and took me here."

"Why were you in the Masters room?" I say look at the open door

"Well, Blaze thought I could be the maid which is what he sought out to find but you and Chad also had to be captured for making such a stir." she says as her British accents slips in

"What do they want with us?!" Chad says raising his voice

"We are all lost souls.. not going any where in life not decided on one path. We do what we must to survive and we are emotionally unstable.." Lee stops talking and looks down at the ground "and now.. now I'm some fucked up creature I'm not human any more I lost my soul and now I'm just a hollow.. AND THIS!"

"Lee I'm so sorry" I take a step closer to her wanted to comfort her but she's too unstable for me too do so.

"When I was a little girl I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to make art so beautiful everyone would stop and stare. My art would inspire all to do something more. But I got pregnant while in college so I dropped out to take care of my kid" a quick smile touches her lips "His name is Lewis and he's my hero, he's very smart!"

"You said something about helping us get out?" Chad says interrupting her thoughts

"Yes, and maybe we can destroy the whole system they have going.." Lee smiles at both of us.

The End

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