Lost SoulsMature

I walk to the door turning the knob as it swings open we walk out of the room with Chad behind me. He turns off the light and closes the door and locks it behind him.

"So the master?" I say looking at his throne

"He goes on trips collecting things.." He says as his voice fades 

"Like what." I say looking at Chad now

"I think our souls."

I walk around in the room. I see a book of Black Magic and over a ways some odd jewels surround one giant crystal. I stare at it for a little in awe, it's very beautiful with the color of light blue.

"What do you think is in this book?" Chad starts flipping through the pages

"I don't know but don't repeat anything in there. It'll get us deeper in trouble than we already are!"

"You're probably right, Rose!" he laughs



I ran under the table the crystals are laying on as Chad hides in the cabinet.


The castles doors fling open and a man with a long rob on is in the door way. He has green bony hands with long nails. He slouches as the hood covers his face. He points his finger at the cell Chad and I were locked in.

"Whom of my prisoner have been in here?" he has a very deep breathy voice

"Uh- Well Blaze uh-- Skits says trembling in fear 

"HUSH!" he flies a foot in front of him now closer too Skits 

"Use your words Skits.." he sounds more calmer now

"We punished two lost souls for making scenes. Blaze brought them to Shadows Desert but they both came dangerously close to the castle so he locked them up--

"IDIOTS!! They are suppose to stay at the Road!" The master raises his hand 

"Oh no please no Master I'll do anything!!" Skits falls on the ground trembling in fear

His master mutters something to himself and red light flashes out of his hand turning Skits into ash. He then flies into the cell room only to find his other worker is dead too. 

"Fuck!" The master flies through his throne room through a door slamming it behind him


"Lost Souls"

Souls who have not crossed over.

Or ones who have not fully died.

Regardless they are helpless.

Reality, Fear, Imagination.

It takes them all over.

They are in between.

They are unstable.

Life & Death=




The End

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