The MonstersMature

"They already know too much we have to get rid of them some how!"

"This is how you choose to get rid of them? You brought them even closer to knowing the truth!"

"What the fuck was I suppose to do? Rose was right outside of our castle, few more steps and she would of ran into it!"

"You're worthless, I will deal with you later. Leave right now!"

They both leave the room as the door is slammed behind them


I open one eye afraid of what I'll see, dark room barely lit and I feel chains around my wrist. I raise my head and lay it back down it feels like it weighs a hundred pounds. Why did he have to knock me out with a fucking shovel.

"H-Hey! Are you awake" whispers Chad

"Yes.., I was looking for you I remember who I am! I'm Rose."

"That's great, Rose. Please keep it down I think one of them is right outside of here."

"What..? Who?"

"The monster, Blaze that banished us here, and his higher ranked friend, Skits. You know I've been listening to them and we haven't fully crossed over none of the people we have met"

I sit up as my eyes get use to the lighting but my head is still throbbing.

"So uh Chad how did he catch you?"

"Well.." he pauses 

"After walking away from you for a long time. I turned around and saw red eyes so then I got chased by Skits until I tripped and he knocked me out."

"I'm sorry.." I said being as sincere as possible 

"We both got ourselves into the mess so nothing to apologize for little miss."

The door is unlocked and swings open. I lay my head down trying to look knocked out still as the red eyes walk over and turn on the lights.

"Thought I heard something, Chad." says Blaze locking eye contact with Chad

"Just humming because I really love doing that!" says Chad with a huge smirk

"Fuck you smart ass! That's what got you in trouble in the first place!" Blaze growls

"It makes me happy and warm inside." Says Chad still smirking 

"I have perfectly good claws made for tearing through skin." Blaze looks at Chads neck

"Oh is that a threat? You should probably return me before your master comes home and if the people see I can bleed they'll think. You know what happens when people think? They figure it out."

"Shut up you don't know anything. What about her..? Is she O.K?" Blaze looks over at me as I keep my eyes shut with no movement with my body.

"I don't know! I can't touch her to find out how about you do it."

He walks over slowly and leans down on his knee and slowly moves his furry hand to touch my face. I swing my hand so the chain is around him and I pull him down as he lets out a huge scream"



Chad slides over surprised I'm doing this while the monster is struggling round and round in my grip. Chad reaches down towards Blazes red belt and pulls off the key as Blaze cuts me on the arm.

"AH SHIT!" I slam Blazes head on the ground until he is no longer responsive and I breath heavily still freaking out. Chad still looks surprised of what I'm capable of. I unwrap my chains from blazes upper chest and neck and I push him away. He has a huge gash in his head so I stared at it. I can't believe what I just did.

"Rose are you ok?" Chad says kinda shaking

"No, I have a huge cut on my arm that's gushing blood. I'M COMPLETELY O.K" the tears start coming into my eyes

"You could be a little nicer.." as he unlocks the chains on my wrists

"I'm sorry it's just so much.." I take the key from his hands and unlocks his chains

"Well.. let's patch it up" he rips off a part of his shirt and ties it around on my arm

"Thanks.." as I smile 

The End

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