Hard TruthMature

I stood up my heart pounding loud in my head. I'm not going to stay in this one spot forever I have to fight so I ran. I couldn't see where I was stepping or where anything was. My head started to pound even louder. I felt like I was upside down running in circles for hours upon hours.

"CHAD!!" I yelled hoping for a response.

"CH- I fell down rolling and rolling increasing speed by the second  as I hit every rock. It felt like I had been rolling down the rocks forever until I hit the ground hard. I had to put my hands in front of my face to see them and all I saw was blood and dirt. My jeans were definitely torn and I could feel the blood dripping down my legs into my shoes. It stung so bad I wanted to scream. I haven't felt pain in so long..?

If I'm dead how am I hurt? How am I bleeding? 

I walked a little further slowly my knees had to be in shreds. Every step I took felt like they were being stabbed over and over. I began to feel a little light headed and dizzy so I sat down. I noticed my breathing slowed and I could barely keep my eyes open. I heard foot steps behind me but I was too tired to turn around. Until I felt the breath of something against my head. *SKRING* A shovel was planted in the ground beside me.

"Sorry Rose, you know too much. Don't worry you'll be along side your buddy Chad." Said a deep mans voice. 

I started to turn my head around but he had already lifted the shovel and swung it.



"Our loved ones will die, they are sadly only in our mind." he sighs.

 "Memories, we reject most but some stay with us. Either as a lesson or something we actually need to live. Deep down we all know the trutbehind the lies but sometimes it's best to stay blind to the truth. So we reject it and that is how we stay sane. That is how we continue on." he walks off stage keeping his head down. 

That man killed him self 2 weeks later, he was an inspiring teacher he taught me the cold hard truth. He couldn't take living with a heart that only wanted to disappear. He thought very negative upon everything. He hid it with smiles and laughs dying inside everyday. 

The End

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