I fell asleep, when I awoke I saw the blonde man who loved to hum. He was standing as still as a pole looking down at the ground, wasn't at all bothered that I was here with him. I stood up staring at him waiting for him to move but he didn't. I looked around there was still just blackness. I could see him perfectly, all his features and where he was looking. 

I slowly walked a little closer , he looked up at me with tears in his eyes..

"You know where we are right?"

The look of confusion must of slapped me in the face because he started laughing at me. He could talk and laugh. He wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Sorry, let me explain as much as I can."

He paused for a very long moment picking the right words.

"You and I were exploring too much, I made a huge scene and you must of too. So now we are basically in time out but.." he paused

'The time being in here is forever."

He looked down again so I thought I'd try to speak

"As if anything could get worse." I said very horse and shaky

He smiled at me looking into my eyes.

"Glad you can talk for a second I thought you were a mute." 

He started laughing again.

"What is your name little miss? Mines Chad, Chad Mccaw."

I looked down I must be able to remember if I can speak again but it was all blank.

"I can't remember."

He frowned now looking down at the ground again.

"I'll leave you alone until you have all your memories and information back. It took me a few days to remember everything but it felt so good to know my name once more. I really do hope you remember."

He walked away disappearing into the blackness. I sat down and tried to let things flow into my head I tried to think of my age, my favorite color. All of these should be able to come to me easily. What if it takes longer than a few days, what if it takes forever.

I stopped trying to remember. Tears rushed down my face, what if I never see Ray my love or ... I can remember now.

"I CAN REMEMBER NOW!! My name is Rose Beckons I'm 24! I'm in love with him, the man with the matching bracelet, Raymond Blerks! We are forever and more and I need to convince him he's mine. I have to find how to get out of here!" My tears stopped flowing down my face.. I'm fucking talking to nobody.

I looked around at the nothingness that surrounds me. I can't win can I? I'm lost either way, whether I don't know who I am, or I don't know where to go. In the end I'm just as lost as before. 

The End

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