The red haired girl showed me that she's been walking along with me these past few days amazed by me yet I had no idea how I didn't see her but she smiled again more friendly. I knew I had made a new buddy.

I convinced her to walk in the direction he went with a smile and a wave of my hand.. I really wish I knew her name or his .. Only if I knew my name

I was still walking off in my own thoughts as usual until I noticed she had stopped. I looked into her wide eyes and she slowly lifted up her finger pointing in terror. I was afraid to look at what had frightened her so much. Afraid to know something is worse than this.

It was not human, It was not friendly and It definitely hated beings. As tall as a one story building, completely black.. and red eyes that glowed like rubies it had huge long pointy ears and bloody claws that you know could tear you into shreds..

I stepped back and it look directly at me it's eyes glowing brighter red. I ran I didn't care if my friend came along all I cared was if I were to survive another day to see him. I heard it's huge stomps behind me as other people stood still. Why was no one helping me?

Everything was disappearing the road, the trees, even the people all turning into blur and when I looked back I just saw two red dots blinking at me. Everything's gone except me. All black surrounding me except those red dots. Where the fuck am I now?

The End

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