More Questions, Less AnswersMature

I have to find him..

I have to show him we are Forever and More..


After he walked away from me, I watched him disappear in the distance. I just needed to remember something so that I could show him more than my bracelet. He looked like he hated me, like he wasted his life for me to just die in the end, anyway.

Isn't that the point of living, though? All that lives will one day die. Afterwards, all you have left is memories and you can never tell that person how you feel again.

I ran after him suddenly. There're so many people, all with the same face of confusion, all with everything taken from them, all alone.. No soul could ever imagine what each and every one has seen. That's their story to tell and theirs to keep.

I stopped and sat down, confused and frustrated. I looked down at the never ending road.. What the fuck is the point of being here when I have no clue who I am, who he is? I can't even tell anyone how angry I am about all this. He had to have meant something to me.

I knew I needed to find out what was going on. This is all too much.. I got up, brushing off the dirt. I ran over to people, startling them as I grabbed their hands. I couldn't see anything; none of them would show me anything at all. I had run to ten different people so far. When I stopped and turned around, all eyes were on me I looked down, waiting for them all to get over my mistake and move on, until my arm was touched. I looked up and saw that it was a girl around my age. She had bright red hair and grass-green eyes. Smiling awkwardly, she took my hand and held it.

The End

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