I've been in this sad place for a few days now.. Well, I don't think the sky has changed, and I don't get tired or need to eat, so I have no idea how long I've actually been here..

I keep staring at the bracelet on my arm. I really need to know who it's from. "Forever and More."... I keep re-reading it over and over. I wish I knew who had given it to me. I wish I knew anything, actually..


Today, I decided to go with the flood of people that walk the streets all the time. It's like a dance of death; we all slouch and take the same slow steps. The road never ends, but it's only one road and it goes just as far in both directions. I wonder if we're suppose to make a choice of which way to go. What if I'm actually not in Heaven or Hell? What if I'm somewhere between..?

All I have is more questions, not answers, and they're getting me nowhere. I'm just more confused and depressed...

I looked around in the flood of people and right outside the bunch of us was a guy that I almost recognized. As I gazed at him, he was staring back at me. He was beautiful, with almost black hair stopping just before his eyes, his light blue eyes.. I felt like I could suddenly remember part of my life, so I ran to him. I stopped when I reached him and looked up. He was tall and had muscles.. I wanted to say something, but because we only talk by showing each other things in our heads, I couldn't talk. Before I could make a move to show him my thoughts, he grabbed my hand..

It's a blur.. Wait.. There's a girl looking back at him with a huge smile and beautiful blonde hair and dark blue eyes.. Is that me? I'm walking in front of a car.. why did I? Oh, God, no, he's running in front of me. The car..


Everything goes blank. He looks at me, angry, like I messed up his life. I step back. He's still griping my wrist, a little harder now, as if he's trying to tell me something else, but he lets go of my hand, turning around and walking away. As he leaves me there, I see on his wrist a bracelet that says, "Forever and More." Did we forget each other?..

The End

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