This Gloomy PlaceMature

When I woke up, I was greeted with a hand.

Because we forgot everything, we have no idea how to communicate. He showed me that I was re-born, but I don't grow older or younger; I stay the same way forever. He gave me basic knowledge of this place, and I'm grateful for it, but it doesn't answer everything..

I have no idea who I am.

I can never tell anyone how I feel.


This place was very grey and depressing, and it brought me down. Everyone around me walked slow and slouched down, all with the same gloomy face. I once saw a man that had holes in his body and his face was full of fear. He wore a type of clothing that was green and brown. The man was mid-aged and very handsome, but he seemed like he was from a different time than me.

I traveled farther and father down the gloomy road and saw more terrifying people who had died in awful ways. I think I had it the easiest, since I had no holes.. But I had bruises and cuts and on my wrist was a bracelet that said, "Forever and more." I feel like it meant a lot to me. I stared at it for a very long time, looking for an answer, but I couldn't get anything.

What's the point of being here? Am I being punished..?

I heard a man humming somewhere nearby. I began walking faster for a moment, fearful, until a surprising sight stopped me. There he was, a man humming very loud. It was the first thing I had heard all day. People joined him in the chorus of hums. It wasn't a nice sound, but it was something, so I joined in and walked to them and we all hummed for awhile, until everyone just stopped and walked off in different directions. I stood there, watching, as the man who had started it walked away. He was very tall and thin, with blue eyes and blonde hair. He seemed happy when he hummed, but when he stopped, he looked just like the rest of the people here.. In this big and gloomy place, on a big and gloomy road, with a big and gloomy sky that never changed.

The End

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