blossom open

7th grade things got harder maybe I just didn't know what to do I felt all this pain inside of me I didn't know how to let it out no one was there for me . That's when you realize you only have yourself to depend on so I let my pain out again my blade was my only friend I had at the time . I forgot to cover up that's when my best friend noticed  just like any other best friend she told me to stop for her. Its not that easy I wanted to scream and cry and ask her how she would feel if everywhere she would go people would judge her. That wouldn't happen anyways she's perfect , she's stunning everyone likes her no one likes me all my friends are pretty and well im the ugly one. After a while I met someone he was perfect he stole my heart since I saw him it was love at first sight. The first time we hung out it was perfect later on I went home and checked my phone I got a txt from a girl she told me to be careful he was a player but I didn't listen. How did they expect me to not fall in love with him he was always there for me he was always there to catch my tears.

The End

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