Everyone has a side they never show

You never know what someone can be hiding. Why so many bracelets ? Why so many long sleeves ? Pay closer attention notice how someone can be smiling one second then the next the smile faded.

 I never really noticed what my friends where going through does that make me a bad friend? Ever since I was in 5th grade I would get bullied and I never did anything but cry then I met someone and she changed the way I though about life. I saw her arms full of scars and she would blame it on her cat. I guess I was too young to understand that she harmed herself. She would tell me that life isn't what it seems and to enjoy my childhood , things would get hard life was going to get hard. Once I entered 6th grade my life got hard my parents got a divorce one day everything was fine the next I get picked up from my soccer game and taken to a new house. Obviously I wasn't going to be happy about it I remember that day so clear getting a call from my dad crying it broke my heart. Once I got home I dragged a blade across my skin how could this be one day my life was perfect then the next it was an absolute disaster.

The End

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