a new face

As I was passed back to renesme and a new face came in through the door and asked “who’s this cutie “renesme replied it’s my new sissy’

The new face said: I’m Jacob can I hold her?

Mommy said: “sure” as she hand me to the new face.

And as always he stared and started like them all. And another tanned face came in.

And Jacob said: that’s Seth Clearwater

And Seth said: we need to talk

And as they walked out, I heard them say’s really want to imprint on this girl

Jacob said: do it while you can but you have to be really careful and watch your step   because when imprint on one of the blood suckers girls you do not want to bring out his bad side


Seth Clearwater said:ok  when do your imprint ?

Jacob said: wait until she three start out as the big brother and work your way up

Seth said: Ok while phasing with Jacob

Back in the cottage

Daddy said: how about we take angelica and renesme up to the big house

Renesme said: can I watch cartoons at grandpas

Mommy said: ask grandpa

As we left the cottage and hoped over the river, and Carlisle open the door

Carlisle said: hey Bella Edward renesme angelica

Bella and Edward said: we came up to visit the family

Renesme said: can I watch TV grandpa

Carlisle said:  sure

Renesme ran into other room and turn on the TV...............................................






The End

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