my new home

Chapter Two

Once I was back in my mommy’s arms. Everyone couldn't keep their eyes off me.

 Ugh, I hated being the centre of attention. They all went outside and we all hoped over the river like we could fly as I looked up and down at the small stone cottage. As we all walked closer and daddy opened the door. And mommy said “welcome home angelica.”

 I smiled brightly looking  around seeing the big group following us. They sat down including me and mommy, their eyes still on me. then Alice said

“We better get her some baby clothes.”

 The group replied "Alice!"

“Sorry…it’s a reflex.”

 Daddy sat at the big piano as my sister asked “Can     I hold her?”

 “Sure.” my mommy replied handing me to her as daddy played the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.

My sister whispered in my ear. “Its mommies lullaby. Daddy wrote it for mommy when they first met.”

As I was passed back to mommy I lifted my head up a little bit to hear the beautiful music. The music stopped and daddy sat beside mommy and stared at me. Daddy tickled me I laughed. Then they all just stared at me as I thought not again. Daddy replied “It’s because your so cute.”

 Mommy replied “Daddy is  mind reader.”

 As my mouth hung open I said “Oooo.”

Then daddy toke me in his arms and stared to walk around with me humming some music. I tried not to fall asleep as the beautiful lullaby slowly tried to make me drift off. The lullaby had won I had slowly fallen asleep. As mommy and daddy watch me sleep. As I could hear everyone else gathered around me to watch me sleep. I slowly finally fell asleep.


The End

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