the other renesme

renesme lucky grows into something beatiful

Chapter 1

 As I hid behind the bookshelf where my other sister renesme had been born. I heard the light set of footsteps. And a voice from  a little girl.

“Daddy there something behind the book self!”

 As heaver footsteps walk in  with a velvet voice, “What is sweetie?”

 And the little girl said “Daddy there someone behind the bookshelf.”

The velvet voice said “Sure”

he swiftly moved the bookcase to see the beautiful newborn that looked just like the little girl standing beside him and note that said.

I’m the other renesme I was left here all alone if you don't believe me look at the resemble look we have the same color eyes the same face. If I wasn't how could I look exactly like sister and mommy? If you don't believe me just look were basically twins…

As I looked over my baby golden eyes turned to see the tall pale man.

The tall pale man said “Edward what is this?”

The velvet voice said “Apparently renesme has a twin.”

The tall pale man said “Renesme come over here.”

The little girl said “Sure grandpa Carlisle”

the tall pale man swiftly picks up me up the velvet voice “Renesme hold still were actually going to see if you have a twin.”

the little girl said “Yeah goody”

Just then a beautiful women looking very motherly said “Who is this little cutie?”

            The tall man said “Renesme has a twin. renesme found her behind the bookcase.”

           Then the motherly woman said while picking me up “Why hello my new little baby!”
           The little girl said “I have a sister? Yeah!” as the rest of the pale people filled in.

Looking at in my mommy arms. as I stared at the tale pale group. Then they all introduced them themselves “I am Esme, and this is carlisle, Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Emmet, Renesme.” as I repeated there names inside my head. Then all toke a turn a holding me. “My name is angelica Azairel Cullen ooh and did I mention I am the other Cullen twin.”

The End

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