After his meeting with his Grandmother's lawyer he  headed home to look over the papers and deed to the estate she had left him. There was a letter addressed to him with a note attached, "Do not open until you arrive at the house". It was in his Grandmother's hand writing. He shrugged and laid it to one side. 

The deed specified her manor in the countryside a stable and a sizeable amount of land. He new the stables had been left empty in the last few years when the last mare had died while giving birth. Eric planned to head out that weekend.

As Eric drove the car through the gates of the estate he took notice of the Lions head stonework above the gate, remembering how it had frightened him the first time he had visited when he was a boy. Grinning he followed the road up to the house.

He had arrived late on the Friday evening and had little time to inspect the grounds so he decided to leave that to the morning and take a tour of the house first. He climbed the small set of steps that lead to the front door, passing by the small gargoyles perched either side on the stone. Smiling he thought about how everything here had once frightened him.

The lobby was as grand as had remembered. It had a large oak staircase in the centre of the room that lead to a small landing before stretching of on both sides like branches of a tree. He headed off to the right of the room and made his way to the main living room to read through the letter his Grandmother had left. 

" My Dear Eric have a left you this house because it is time you understood the world as it truly is." How odd, he thought how can a house explain that, he read on, "All the stories I told you when you were here are not stories. Ghosts, Faeries, and Gnomes they are all real and the world is in danger. You have to help them"

Eric was baffled. This was not what he had expected at all. He read it again twice but still could not believe what she had said. His Grandmother most have had dementia in her finally days. Shaking his head he got up and headed for bed.

The End

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