The Other Place

Eric thought the house his Grandmother had left him to be an ordinary country home. Little did he know that it was much more that it seemed.
When they came his whole life changed and he was shown a world that couldn't, shouldn't exist...

The funeral had been a nice quite service. Eric's mother, Patrica, had flown over from Scotland to see to her mother's final affairs despite his assurances that he would take care of everything for his mother. Eric did not stay for the wake. He often believed that celebrating the passing of a loved one with drink and a buffet to be morbid. Odd for a young Scot he often thought. Instead he chose to head back to his one bedroom flat and mourn the passing of his grandmother in his own quite way. When he got home headed upstairs to think.

It was hours after the funeral and the loss was still all to real for him. He and his gran had been close. He leafed through some old photos of his grandmother he had in an album stashed in a cupboard in the spare room. Pictures of birthdays and Christmas long past. After about an hour he decide to make his way to bed.

The next morning Eric received a phone call from his grandmother's solicitor saying she had named him in the will and asked if he could come to the meeting downtown to discuss the details. Eric noted the address and they agreed to meet at 2pm. Eric had his breakfast, showered and did his usual housework duties before heading to his favorite coffee shop. He arrived there at about 12pm and read for an hour or so before heading to the meeting. 

He arrived at around 1.40pm and was asked to wait in the reception area. He leafed through some newspapers that were on the table in front of him. The were only a day old. The headlines were uninteresting but as he flipped  through pages he noticed an article that bothered him for some reason. It was about a group of people who had recently claimed to have seen ghosts, goblins and fairies. Not something that Eric believed in himself. He wasn't the kind to have any sort of faith or believe in any supernatural phenomena. Still it bothered him and not because these people had claimed to seen such things, lets face it you get all sorts of people saying they see this sort of thing on a daily basis. He was brought out of his daydream by the door opening. A balding head poked itself round the door.

"Mr Macintosh?" The floating head asked.

"Yes?" Eric replied a little dazed still.

The head became a person 

"Won't you come in?" The man gestured in to the room beyond, "I'm Arnold Hope, we spoke on the phone"

Eric nodded as he past the solicitor. He was greeted with a smile and smell of tobacco coming from the man.

The meeting went on for half an hour or so. The end result being that Eric's grandmother had left him quite a sizable estate in the country. He planned to head out the following day to see the house his grandmother had retired to.

The End

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