Chapter 2

The others consisted of the two girl that shared their room. The first one was named Jaqueline Beaureguard but everyone just called her Jacky. Supposedly, her name came from a place once called French but it didn't exist anymore. It had been destroyed then built upon like everywhere else after the War.

Jacky had long, silky, black hair that fell perfectly straight down her back. Her dark green eyes reflected her playful personality. Just like Kezzy, her clothing was extremely neat and tidy. She flashed a white smile as Kezzy and Nikki joined them at the table farthest away  from the school. Next to Jacky sat Ashlynne Jeffereson. Unlike the others she was much more quiet and subdued. She only ever spoke to those she knew, like her roommates, or if she was directly asked a question. She had dark skin and large brown eyes. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail to control her insane curls.

"Nikki," Jacky exclaimed loudly, causing many a head to turn briefly in their direction. "You're alive!" Nikki gave her an amused smile. "Lame Arts was boring without your stupid little comments."

"Stupid? I'll have you know that those comments come from the Machine of Pure Genius." Nikki pointed a finger at Jacky as she poked at the strange looking goop on her tray with her fork. Apparently the cook had decided to try to invent some sort of healthy Jell-O. "Plus I don't plan on dying until I'm old and lived my life"

"I don't know," Jacky lowered her voice. "It might be hard to 'live your life' in this current world we live in with this messed up dictatorship." She pretended to eat her own goop. "What is this?" Jacky asked with disgust, examining the Jell-O that currently sat on her fork. Kezzy and Ashlynne discretly glanced around to see if anyone had heard Jacky's first comment. Nikki snorted.

"They told me it was a healthy form of Jell-O that the cook created." Nikki said before taking a bite of her own. She swallowed the stuff with a look of revulsion appearing on her face. "Yep, just as I thought. I wouldn't try it if I were you. I think she may have poisoned it." Jacky placed the fork down and moved on to her cup of orange juice.

"What's Jell-O?" Ashlynne asked, tilting her head slightly. Once again, Nikki had forgotten that the others hadn't known the Outside as well as she had before coming here.

"Jell-O is a... It's a jiggly sort of substance-like liquid but more... solid." Nikki began, trying to remember the actual thing herself. "It's filled with sugar and usually tastes like fruit. My mom gave it to me right before-once."Nikki changed her thoughts quickly. Everyone knew the subject of her parents was a touchy one. "She gave it to me once. They have all sorts of colors too but I promise you, none of it tastes as gross as this."

"Criticizing Sharon's cooking again, are we?" An icy voice spoke up behind Nikki. The other girls gasped as they noticed the Mistress standing by Nikki. Nikki didn't turn around; she simply smiled.

"Why if it isn't the queen herself!" Nikki said loudly. Her voice had taken on a surprised tone. Kezzy nudged Nikki's foot while Jacky groaned softly and Ashlynne shook her head with a sigh. "I'm so glad you could grace us with your presence."

"Miss Rojeski, come with me." The Mistress didn't even wait for Nikki to get up on her own. She simply grabbed the girl's arm and yanked her out of her chair and towards the school.

The End

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