The Other Path

What if love was forbidden? What if you were taught since you could talk that falling in love was bad? The School is one of the places parents send their children to learn until they become adults. Until one year, one young couple decides to turn things around and choose their own path.

The lunch bell rang, excusing the many students from the ages of four to nineteen from their classes. A sea of black emerged from one side of the School followed by a wave of red on the other side. The sky was filled with angry gray clouds that threatened to release their emotions on the ground.

The School had to be one of he largest buildings still standing. Everything on it's grounds were perfectly symmetrical. On either side of the School itself were two, red brick towers. Those were the dorms. Boys on the left and girls on the right. The giant red building between them seemed to be shaped like a sideways "C". In the middle of the "C" was a giant pristine, white marble fountain with a statue of the Ruler right in the middle. The grounds were beautifully designed and decorated. All of i was surrounded by a large forest. Supposedly it was to keep students from seeing the Outside while the ten foot electrical fence kept them inside. 

A girl stared at the fence as she sat up in one of the few trees that were on the Inside. Her bluish-gray hair was cut slightly longer than a boy's haircut, it was a mess from lack of a comb through. Her light gray eyes longed for the freedom she used to know. She wore the School's uniform: a white collared shirt, black tie, gray vest and black knee length skirt. However, her shirt was untucked, her tie hung loosely around her neck, she had on a pair of black, holey leggings with worn, untied combat boots. On her left wrist sat a silver charm bracelet. The charms were three simple pictures in each one were three different people. A man, a woman and a small girl no more than six years old.

"Nikki!"  Another girl appeared underneath the tree, hands on her hips. "Where have you been all day? Sitting up here?" Nikki looked down at her friend with a smile.

"Oh Kezzy, you know Lame Arts and History are a complete waste of time." She said, placing her hands behind her head.

"The Mistress is going to hang you one of these days." Kezzy said with a raised eyebrow. Nikki stood up on the branch and jumped down from the tree. She landed on the perfect grass in a crouched position. Standing up straight, she winked at Kezzy.

"Hang me? She hasn't done so before and she never will. I'd like to see her try to strap me in those chains." Nikki replied with a laugh while Kezzy sighed.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt." Kezzy's bright blue eyes pleaded with Nikki. Nikki examined her friend. Her long, golden hair had been curled and as usual her uniform was extremely tidy. Unlike Nikki, Kezzy was the ideal student. She always had the best grades, she was respectful to her superiors and she never broke the rules. It didn't take long for the name Teacher's Pet to become hers. How she and the School's Rebel became friends was a mystery to everyone. Everyone except them.

"Come on Kez. Do you really think I'll ever take it that far?" Nikki placed an arm around Kezzy's shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"I on't know. You've gotten close to it." Kezzy said. Amusement touch her voice slightly but her tone was mostly concern.

"Calm down. If it makes you feel better, I promise not to take it that far." They were silent for a moment before Kezzy nodded. "Anyways, what's for lunch?"

"I think they said it was a fruit salad but I didn't really listen to that part." Kezzy answered with a shrug.

"What is this?" Nikki asked with mock horror. "The Teacher's Pet not listening to the teachers?" Nikki placed a hand dramatically on her forehead. "The world will-"

"Shut your mouth you horrible drama queen. It was hard to focus with the empty desk besides me." Kezzy said, trying not to smile. "Now let's get going. We don't want them to run out and the others are waiting for us." Nikki winked at her friend before she grabbed Kezzy's hand and yanked her forward as they started to run.

The End

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