The Other HalfMature

John walked up and down the long hallway, his paces uncontrolled and immeasurable. His feint reflection beamed back at him through the shadowed, white mirrors that scaled the walls. His mother sat at the far end, head in her praying hands. Her hands were old and weather worn. Johns father would describe worn hands as the sign of a good life - John would argue that. 

John was in his early thirties. His father and mother raised him well in a small, rural town outside of Louisiana. His dad, Michael, was a Heavy Lifting Packager, or HLP as the guys in the packaging business called it. Worked in the one plant from the age of eighteen, until his death at fifty eight.

The sounds of a woman screaming echoed down the walls. John quickly grabbed the necklace around his neck, it glowed orange. He sighed - She would be OK. He sighed again and looked towards his mother, who was now on her feet looking eagerly towards her only son. "She is going to be OK." 

It looked as if a weight lifted from her shoulders. "That's wonderful John." She walked down to him and wrapped her arms around him, holding her son tight. "Your father would be so happy." She stood back and raised his head, looking the new father in the eyes. "So very happy." 

John could feel the tears well up inside him. He would have started to cry if the nurse hadn't come out of the room where his wife had just given birth. "We are going to start the naming process." She smiled before walking back into the room.

John and his mother, Amelia, followed.  

The room that they entered was punishingly bright. White light flooded their eyes, it took a moment before they could fully see everything in front of them and when they did, it was wonderful and terrifying. 

Johns wife lay on an operating table, her green eyes barely open and her blond hair sprawled around her head. Several blood packs were scattered about the floor, a doctor was standing in the cover changing his bloodied overalls. 

John ran for his wife. "Stephanie!" He cradled her head in his hands, and they locked eyes. 

"I am OK John." She smiled. "Honestly, I'm fine." 

John looked at the doctor, and he nodded reassuringly before speaking. "We should begin the naming process now." 

The young doctor motioned towards the nurse, who had placed the plump new born into a machine. "Start it now nurse." 

She pressed a series of buttons before it began to whiz into motion. "Have you both chosen a name?" 

John looked at Amelia, a confused expression crossed his face. She stroked his hair and smiled. "His name will be Matthew." Johns face beamed. Perfect he thought. 

"Matthew it is." The nurse repeated. She typed the name in and inserted a small, silver rock into a slot in the machine - It was no larger than her thumb. 

The five of them, the new parents, new grandmother and the doctor and nurse, stood over the machine as it scanned young Matthew. 

The computer announced, "scan complete" after a minute. Matthew was lifted from the machine and handed, for the first time, to his father.

Another tear welled up in Johns eyes. "This is the start, Steph. This is where it all begins." She reached up and ran her finger over the head of the newborn." 

The nurse retrieved the small rock from the machine, it had now been chiseled and carved into a unique shape. It looked like a half moon, with some jagged ends. The nurse handed it to John. "He will find his soul mate with this. When the time is right, he will journey across the world to find the one that matches with him." 

John put the necklace around Matthews neck. The lights in the room died and the necklace glowed white, it was the only light source in the room.

John leaned down and Steph locked their necklaces together, they glowed blue. The new mother read the necklace around Matthews neck. 

                                                     Matthew Hendeson - 26/12/2198

The End

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