Chapter Five; Killed too early.

Alyss led Lydia into the windmill looking building, at least that's what it looked like on the outside. On the inside it was a completely different story. Lydia stared in awe at the crystal walls and marble floors. The golden railing that led up the spiral silver stairs. The huge living room with red velvet sofas and a cherry wood coffee table. It didn't even make sense that a palace room this size could fit into the small building she had seen out those front doors....but Chess had said that magic was real, that things she believed wouldn't make sense, were about to make sense. She decided against questioning anyone about it. 

She sat down in one of the couches, and thanked a maid who hurried over to hand her a covered platter and an empty goblet. She stared at the glass confused, and looked around for a tea kettle maybe. 

"What do you want?" Alyss asked sweetly. 

"What do you have?" Lydia questioned. Alyss laughed. "Whatever you want." she said. "Tell the glass what you want." 

Lydia cast a sideways glance at Chess who was standing in a very formal way off to the side, he gave her a mischeviouse grin, and she knew he was waiting for her to ask Alyss if she was being serious. So, feeling like a fool, she looked down at her goblet. "Um..." she began. "Root beer?" 

Instantly her goblet began to fill itself with a dark brown liquid until it reached the rim, then it stopped rising. She cautiously took a sip and her eyes bulged. It was the best root beer she had ever tasted. 

"It's the food the same?" she asked. Alyss smiled. 

"No, although it's possible in most places, it takes an extreme amount of power that even I do not hold. Yet." she answered. "I'm afraid you must be satisfied with simple cookies."

"Fine by me." she gave a short laugh and lifted the lid to take a cookie. Sam walked over after a moment of speaking with a maid and sat down next to her.

"So..." he sied, clapping his hands together. "My explanation...."  Lydia leaned back on the sofa to listen intently. This was going to be interesting.

"What I should start off saying....and what you have probably already figured out by now... is that I'm not human. I'm an RK."  

"What's an RK?" Lydia asked, taking another gulp from her goblet. 

"We are other beings, from the galaxy." Alyss said softly. 

" Aliens?" Lydia blinked. Sam gave a short chuckle. "I guess you could say that." he said. "But not really, we don't live permanently on one planet like you do. We move from place to place. We use spells and enchantments to keep the planets in balance, we use link to move about in the vacuum of space. We don't dwell anywhere permanently." he said carefully. "So we're not aliens because we're new to this planet. Us RK's have lived here as long as human life it'self. But we live everywhere else too."

"And you...keep the planets in balance?" Lydia blinked. "What does that mean?"

"We keep them in rotation. Keep the galaxies in their usual behavior. We keep life on the other planets as well as this one flourishing by controlling their required elements. You see?"

Lydia slowly shook her head and Chess laughed until Sam shot him an evil look. Alyss merely took another cookie and continued; "You humans can not survive without water. We make it rain. You can't survive without food, we give the dirt the abiliity to grow life. We give the animals their nutrition for you to eat. We make the wind to provide to energy and to clean the air. We make the Earth revolve around the sun to give you day and night. We make the clouds to make temperature."

"So all wrong?" Lydia gapped. Alyss shook her head. "No, they are right, they just don't know it's us making it happen. Simple as that."

"So you....?" she looked at Alyss and Chess. "You do all that?"

"Well, we may be a stretch of the truth." Sam chuckled. "By we, we mean all the RK's. There are five clans of elements. Wind, water, Earth, fire, and air. The different clans all have different Emblems that give them the unlimmited power. Chess, Alyss and I, we are all powerful members of the air clan."  

"The most important of the five." Chess announced proudly. 

"So, you control the air?"

"Well, you were just in a flying car weren't you? And now you're on a floating island. Wouldn't it be pretty obviouse by now?" Chess smiled. Alyss nodded. 

"My father, Gandoor, he is the king of our clan."

King?! So Alyss was royalty. She was a princess! Lydia's eyes suddenly remembered something. "Wait, so If the clans have an Emblem, then why was the Gilt guy thinking Sam gave me one?" 

"Catches on quick doesn't she?"

"Quiet, Chess." Sam said, then turned back to Lydia. "That's where our troubles start. Gilt was the King of the Earth emblem. But Power and pride got to his head. He thought that one kind should have ALL the emblems. The other kings were furiouse with his thoughts and took away his place in the royal family. Now he's after all the emblems, and as Chess pointed out earlier, sense wind is the strongest, he's targeting us the most. He al ready captured Gandoor. But Gandoor saw it coming. He gave his emblem to Alyss." he pointed to her. Lydia glanced over and saw Alyss nod sadly.

"We teleported to a remote palace where we were sure he could not find us. But he did, once again, I had to hide the emblem, I gave it to Sam, my most trusted advisor. He was to take it to Earth  and act like a normal human. But once again, Gilt found out the Emblem was on Earth. He has been acting like a human to find it. After fourteen years, he found Sam. I sent Sam word that he had been found out and he tried to give the Emblem to you, Lydia. Because Gilt would never guess we would let a human handle the symbole of our clan, once again, Gilt got the best of us. He killed Sam, then went to you, what he didn't know, was that he killed Sam before Sam had given it to you."

"How does he find all these things out?" Lydia asked.

"His snake. The one that was on his staff." Chess grumbled. "He works with Earth, so he can speak with animals. That's his little spy buddy, Fisk."

"So, if he killed you before you gave the emblem to me, then where is the emblem now?" Lydia asked slowly. The RK's glanced at each other.

"We don't know." Alyss sighed. "We have to find it....before Gilt does. Or else Earth is doomed. That's what we need you for Lydia. Sam said he trusts you with his life. So you need to help us. You have to find the emblem...."  

The End

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