Chapter Three; Flying to no cell phone service

Chess's car whizzed down the street at full speed crossing illegally onto one way streets and running stop signs like there was no tomorrow. Lydia was thrown into the side of the car every time he took a sharp turn, skidding on two wheels for a second. She finally grabbed hold of the back of the passenger's seat, gripping it so hard her knuckles turned white.

"Haven't you ever heard of a seat belt?" Chess asked. Lydia scowled. 

"I can't sit still long enough to buckle myself!" she yelled back. "Do you even know how to drive?"

"I've seen a few movies." Chess replied, making a hard break to avoid colliding head first into a mini van.

"Movies?" Lydia cried. "You can't drive? You're on the wrong side of the freaking street!"

"Oh, whoops, sorry." He laughed, and moved over to the next lane. Lydia rolled her eyes, and looked behind her as about fifty police cars pulled onto the streets behind them. "Oh no.." she breathed, whipping back around to look at chess who was honking at a slow semi. "The cops!" she cried. "They're gonna pull you over! Tell me what's going on, Chess! Who are you! Why did the Gilt guy want me to give him an emblem I don't have? Why did he kill Sam?"

"Shut up. No questions. Can't focus." Chess panted. "I'll explain later!"

"There won't be a later! The police are going to shoot you down!"

As soon as she's said it, about a dozen more cops had skidded out in front of them, cutting them off. The men opened there doors and held out their guns, yelling for Chess to pull over. Instead, he made another sharp turn and cut across someone's lawn. About a hundred bullets shattered the back window behind him. Lydia cried out and let go of the seat just as Chess pulled back onto the road and she was thrown onto the floor with several shards of windshield glass which cut up her arms and cheek.

The wail of the police sirens sounded in front of them again, and she knew they couldn't escape this time. Chess had no more streets to turn onto.

"Dagnammit..." he sighed. "Well, plan B."

"What?" Lydia asked, struggling to get back onto the seat.

"This time you had better buckle up." Chess gave her a sly grin. "And no puking or I'm throwing you out the car window."

Lydia didn't question, she pulled herself into the passenger's seat and pulled the seat belt in front of her. Chess had slowed to a stop and was now messing with several dials and gears she hadn't even noticed until now.

Four cops walked cautiously towards them, holding the tazers out warningly. A tall black cop approached Chess's window and leaned over to look at the boy who wasn't even paying attention.

"Get out." the cop ordered. "And put your hands in the air. Now."

"Maybe later." Chess sighed. And hit the gas again, smacking the cop's side with his rearview mirror. The other police began to try and shoot the tires of the oncoming car, but a second later, Lydia was thrown backwards into her seat forcefully as the car suddenly pulled back onto it's back wheels.

"What the-" Lydia cried.

"Hold on." Chess yelled, and floored it. The outie lurched, then with a grunt of the engine, took off into the air. Lydia cried out as they smashed in the roofs of the police cars in the process of getting over them, and the cops hit the ground to avoid getting their heads taken off.

They rose higher into the sky, then, Chess made another sharp turn on the wheel again and they made a long loop, moving up into the clouds. He laughed delightedly as Lydia screamed.

"Holy- what? How? This is impossible!" she yelled.

"Obviously not!" Chess sneered, and pulled the gear down,  as they moved higher into the air, small rain drops began to hit the car, sense they had hardly any windows left; Lydia was soon soaked. She whipped hair from her face and leaned hard against her seat.

"Oh man." she moaned. "oh man oh man oh man oh man."

"What? You gonna puke? No puking."

"No I'm not going to puke." Lydia glared. "Explain to me what's happening. Right now. Who are you?"

"Chester Wending." he answered. "Will you open the glove box I think I have some gum in there."

Lydia looked down at the glove box and pulled out some spearmint gum. "Chester Wending." she said slowly. "Please tell me what's happening? Why did Gilt kill Sam? What was he supposed to give me?"

"Look. First thing you have to know, Is that Sam isn't dead. Not dead like you think he is anyway."

"What?" Lydia's eyes widened. "He...he was in the coffin! He-"

"No, listen. There are things going on around you humans every day that you fail to notice. Now you've been involved by befriending Sam.Of course that wasn't really your fault. He chose you."

"He chose me?" Lydia asked. "You make it sound like you and Sam aren't human."

"My oh my don't you catch on quickly." Chess said sarcastically. A loud clap of thunder rolled across the gray sky.

Lydia shivered and shook her head. "Okay, I don't know what you're up to Chess, but you're clearly mental. You had better put me down or I'm calling the cops to tell them everything."

"By all means, go ahead." Chess smirked at her. "You won't get any service up here. And trust me, I drop you off at home, you won't live to see tomorrow. You had best cooperate. Your friend Sam will explain everything when we get there."

"Get where?" Lydia panted, still not ready to believe this.

"To where we're going." Chess said simply. "And for your sake I hope you haven't been planning anything big.... because your life is probably never going to be normal again."

The End

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