Chapter Two; freaky French guy with a Mamba snake

Lydia stared at the man with a suspiciouse look. This wasn't Chess. Chess didn't have an accent. 

"She's in the building." she lied, nodding towards the doors. "At a funeral."  The man glanced over then looked back down at her. Peering from behind his specticles. Lydia noticed he had two different colors of eyes. One was pine green, the other, a distant, hazy blue. It was creepy in a way.

"And what's your name?" the man asked. Lydia swallowed.  "I'm Rebecca." she lied again. "Lydia's sister. Why do you need to see her?"

"It is of complicated matters that really don't concern you."

"Yes they do. Who are you anyway?" Lydia demanded. The man gave a small laugh and stepped out of the truck. He had on a black tuxedo with a long black cape behind him, a staff in his hand that looked to be made of pure gold. What suprised her more, was that a black mamba snake was coiled around it. The reptile's diamond shaped head resting on the man's writs. Staring at her with it's tiny beetle like eyes.

"My name is Professor M. Gilt." he said coldly. "Now please, I'm on a tight scedual."

"What do you want with Lydia?" she asked again, backing away. A cold wind whipped past her hair, blowing it into her face. Gilt grinned broadly.

"Don't try to lie to us Lydia. We know you don't have a sister named Rebecca."

Lydia felt her blood run cold, she tried to hide her fear but her hands were shaking. Clammy with a cold sweat. This man was after her. The snake raised it's head. Black tongue flicking in and out of it's scaled lips. It swayed to look up at it's master and let out a long series of hisses. Gilt looked up at Lydia again. "If you don't want to get hurt. You had better come quietly. Now."

"Why?" she demanded. "If you touch me I'll scream."

Gilt who had been making motion to walk towards her stopped short. Narrowing his eyes. "We just need something from you." he said. "Something your friend Sam might have given to you maybe?"

"Like what?" she stuttered. "Sam never gave me anything."

"Are you sure?" Gilt asked. "I tried to dispose of him before he gave it to you. But he didn't have it when we hit him."

Lydia swayed and nearly passed out in shock. Her mouth went dry. " killed Sam?"

"We had to. And we will have no problem doing the same to you if you don't hand over the emblem."

"What emblem?" she asked. Her voice sounding a lot braver than she felt. Gilt curled back his lips in a snarle showing yellow stained teeth.  His mamba snake coiled higher up his arm. 

"The emblem Sam gave you. You stupid girl. Give it to me! Now!" he yelled, saliva flying from his lips. Lydia shook her head in confusion, backing away. Sam had never given her anything. 

"I don't have it, I swear!" 

"Come here." Gilt demanded stalking towards her. Lydia turned around, her heart thudding in her chest. She tired to run but she felt his strong hand grip her upper arm, pulling her up short. She cried out, fear exploding in her chest, but her cry was soon drowned out by Gilt's as he released her and stumbled backwards. She fell forward, landing hard on the pavement on her hands and knees. She turned to look behind her to see Gilt screaming, grabbing the back of his shoulder, his hand smeared in dark red blood. His pet snake hissed and coiled quickly into the back of the truck.

"Lydia!" she turned at the sound of her name, and noticed a boy standing  next to a black outie, a handgun pointed towards Gilt who roared at him furiously. The boy was rather tall and thin, with strawberry blond hair and the strangest pair of cloths she had seen today. Hawaii blue shorts and a white t-shirt decorated with manga characters. 

"Chess?" she guessed

"Get in the car! Hurry!" He yelled. Gilt cried out in rage and pulled a rifle from his truck window. 

"He's going to kill me!" Lydia thought in dread and without thinking twice, raced towards Chess's car. He pulled open the driver door and pulled her down to hide behind it, a split second later the loud crack of the rifle going off sounded and the glass of the window exploded into a million tiny pieces. Lydia screamed, covering her head as the shards of window rained down on her. 

Next to her, Chess got up on his knees firing two more times out from behind the car door then got down to cover as Gilt fired again, hitting the car with such force the alarm went off. People were running out of their houses now to see what was going on. Gilt shot again, denting the car door, then screamed in rage clutching his wounded shoulder. 

Chess shot several more bullets. The shattering of more glass gave Lydia the clue he had demolished Gilt's car window too.

"What's going on? Why is he shooting you?" Lydia panted. Chess shook his head as several more people ran out to the scene, many on their phones, with the police no doubt. Gilt shot the car again, screaming bloody murder for them to come out and face him. He walked towards them but Chess kept him at bay with his gun.

"No time to explain unless you want a bullet to the shoulder too." Chess panted. "And his gun makes mine look like a pea shooter..... so I would sudjest you get into the car now."

"I don't know you! I'm not letting you take me anywhere!" Lydia cried, but her last words were muffled as Gilt nearly took out the front of Chess's car. The vehicle bouncing backwards with the impact of the bullets against it's hood.

"Get in the car Lydia." Chess yelled over the sound of his car's warning alarm. She swallowed, then deciding she had no other choice, jumped into the driver's seat, then crawled over into the back, tripping in the process and landing against the side door head first. She heard Chess laugh as he got in too, closing the demented looking driver's door. Now covered in dents and missing it's window.

"Can't crawl into a backseat?"

"Shut up! I'm freaking out here!" Lydia snapped back. Gilt fired again, the front windshield exploding. Lydia screamed again as Chess covered his face with his arms.

"Get out here CHESTER!" Gilt roared, "Or are you running away again!?"

"You're pretty scary, Professor Gilt." Chess yelled back sarcastically, putting the vehicle in drive. "I'd rather retreat this time."

"Get back here! You coward! Scum! You will regret this!"

"Chow!" Chess floored the gas peddle, the car shot off through the parking lot, barely missing Gilt's truck and nearly tipped taking a sharp turn. Gilt tried to get into his own car but his wounded shoulder made it too difficult. So instead he screamed murderous curses at them as they took off, away from the funeral.

The End

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