This is a story about me and the accident I had on his way home.

One day as I  was returning home, as soon as I got off the dial a ride, I was met with a terrible accident.

The stoma bag that he was wearing fell off and slid down my trousers, after breaking away from the base plate (flange) on his body.

The bag had been clipped on and locked but, without warning, detached itself from the base plate, broke free and slid down his trousers. 

And, what a terrible mess it made,

"Excrement all over the place and the stoma bag dropped down on the ground. 

Not only that.

The accident with the stoma bag also stained his trousers, my pants and his T shirt.

The carer came out and saw me put a soiled stoma bag into the yellow bin loose.

She told me to put it into the yellow bag instead, because the bin could get contaminated and spread germs.

The  derailment of the stoma bag from my body meant that I had to return to my flat with nothing to cover my stoma with and protect me against the inevitable.

And what would have happened.

I would have ended up soiling my clothes, even having stools running right down his trousers and out onto the carpeting inside my support home.

Luckily no bowel movement took place otherwise I would have created a terrible mess inside my own home.

The worse scenario would have been stoma contents littering the carpeting and floors inside the support home and the whole block , making it really unpleasant for other residents to walk pass for they would have stepped over the stools (body waste).

They could have even ended up having stools shoot right up onto their clothes, and who would have been to blame.

The answer:

"Me of course".

There's nothing worse than returning to your own flat with no bag to cover your stoma with making you really vulnerable to accidental bowel movements and stools running down your legs and onto the floor.

And there's nothing worse than having the whole block littered with stoma contents, the sort of thing that can happen if you come inside the building with no stoma bag to protect you from having terrible accidents, ending up with mess on the floor.

I was in a terrible state and had to change my clothes, putting the soiled garments into the laundry basket.

Straight away I put on a fresh bag and no more accidents took place

The End

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