The Origins of Farmville

A transcript between the creator of Farmville and his first customer.

DEVELOPER:  See this?

DUMB GUY:  Yeah, what is that?

DEVELOPER:  This is a picture of a plot of barren land.

DUMB GUY  Yep, I see that.  Good picture.

DEVELOPER: But, this isn't just any picture of barren land...


DEVELOPER: Oh, no, my friend.  This is a magic picture of barren land.

DUMB GUY: Magic? 

DEVELOPER:  Oh yes.  Take this.  Go ahead, take it.

DUMB GUY:  This looks like a picture of seeds.

(Developer looks at dumb guy expectantly)

DUMB GUY:  What?

DEVELOPER: Magic....

DUMB GUY: Magic seeds?

DEVELOPER: Magic seeds.  I'll tell you what, you take this magic picture of seeds home and come back in exactly 13 hours, and see this picture of barren land?

DUMB GUY:  uh huh

DEVELOPER:  It's going to have turned into a picture of a full crop  of eggplants.  And you can pretend to sell them for make believe money. 

DUMB GUY: What if I can't be here at 1:00?

DEVELOPER:  Oh, you don't want to be late.

DUMB GUY: Why not?

DEVELOPER: Because then it's going to be a picture of withered eggplants.  And you don't want that,  becaaaaause?

DUMB GUY: Oh!  Because then I would have wasted my            picture of seeds?

DEVELOPER:  That's right - and a pretend crop of withered eggplants eans...

DUMB GUY: make believe money..OK!  Hey, thanks a lot!


DUMB GUY:  Wait a minute!  Something's not right here!

DEVELOPER:  What's that now?

DUMB GUY:  I can't possible expect to use your picture of seeds for free...

DEVELOPER: Well, I did pay $5.00 for it.

DUMB GUY:  Here you go, I'm sorry for just assuming.

DEVELOPER:  No, I'm the one that feels bad.  That's too much.   Save your money.  Buy a picture of 10 magic seeds for $40.  Cheaper.  I can't rip you off like that.

DUMB GUY: That IS a good deal.  But how much make believe
money are we talkin' here?  

DEVELOPER: Well, I'll be honest.  The real make believe money's in a picture of corn , but then you gotta buy magic pictures of  fertilizer yada yada, and I know you can do it, don't get me wrong, but let's start out slow - you've never  pretended to farm before, have you?

DUMB GUY:  That is true.

DEVELOPER: Yeah, start with the magic pictures of eggplants.  I 
know a guy who turned 80 real dollars into thousands of pretend ones.

DUMB GUY:  Thousands?

DEVELOPER: Thousands.

DUMB GUY:  Oh, wow.  I'll see you tomorrow?

DEVELOPER: 1:00 sharp.   And tell your friends.

DUMB GUY:  Oh, I will!

The End

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