Before he was given the name Astaroth, he once was once known simply asÁedán Cuill a small boy for his age from a humble family of merchants. And this story starts, like some stories, on the coldest winter ever seen in over fifty years and in the small town of Talion just east from the City of Alcatierre.

If anyone had ever seen Talion before the war of the Great Seven then one would mention that Talion was beautiful, even in winter. In winter Talion was a mixture of icy blues, dark purple and a smattering of greens. The buildings were old, but the detailed decorations on the roofs and around the doors made them look like pieces of art than a huge podge of bricks and mortar. The fountain in the middle of the town, although had been frozen over, looked like a fragile piece of crystal. To say the least Talion was the most beautiful town in the Seven Kingdoms, even Ciro with its supposed streets of gold, would be hard pressed to match as something as beautiful as Talion.

But Áedán Cuill, although did find Talion to be beautiful, was also untouchable.

From the safety of his bedroom Áedán Cuill watched, with his incredibly dark chocolate eyes, the children that laughed and played in the snow. Áedán was a sickly child, never able to go outside without his mother to keep a watch on him, for there was always the possibility that he could go into bouts of sickness at a drop of a hat. Because of this, Mrs Cuill was always a ball of nerves and anxiety, and so Áedán never went outside or talked to any of the children. Instead he was kept away in his bedroom, only ever having contact with another human when his mother bought his meals up to him or when his father could be bothered coming to see him.

It was no life for a boy of just eleven years old, but Áedán made no complaints and instead just enjoyed watching life unfold before him. He thought of himself as an overseer for the town, he knew who fancied who, which husbands were having affairs and which wives stole away into the night to meet young men. Áedán knew the secrets of Talion. 

The End

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