The Origins of EvilMature

This story is not about the heroes of the war, it is not about young warriors journeying on a quest to defeat Astaroth and his army.

This story is about Astaroth himself.

If you wish to know the happenings of the world you must first speak to the trees for their knowledge and wisdom knows no bounds. For a time man spoke the language of the trees, learning from them ancient magic that has now long since vanished and man listened to the secrets of the world.

It was from the trees that one unremarkable boy harnessed and learned the ancient magic, his powers surpassing the Mages of Alcatierre and the legendary heroes that came from the city.

The trees watched over this boy as they witnessed his life unfold, curious and unsure as to how he was going to use their magic. They watched as an audience as the boy entered the University of Alcatierre at such an age that even the teachers were in awe at his incredible power and gift.

The trees watched for years as the boy soon grew into a young man, his beauty and talent earning him fame and admirers. However, it was then that the trees finally noticed something dark inside him; a shadow followed him and ate away his soul.

They watched with horror as the young man gained incredible influence over people, he shared with them the secrets to his magic and in return they served him willingly and without question. As his followers practiced their newly found power, their souls slowly became twisted turning them into monsters. They were his army.

It was the death of a professor that finally forced the University to expel the young man and when they did he cursed the city and declared revenge against Alcatierre and the Mages that resided behind its walls.

There was silence for a few years, not even a whisper and for a time the trees were carefree again, teaching the Mages of Alcatierre their ancient magic.

Slowly, they heard the beatings of war drums and the eruption of volcanoes becoming louder and louder. Then it happened, the day the land divided, its blood oozing and spreading, burning everything in its path. It was then that the trees gave a name to the young man, for they knew it was his doing and so they named him Astaroth a name meaning‘death’in the old language.

Under Astaroth’s command his army of monsters and dark mages ruined Alcatierre, bringing with them fire, disease and poverty. It was then that the trees witnessed the War of the Great Seven, the seven greatest kingdoms fighting under one banner against Astaroth and his army. But there was no hope, the war lasted for a hundred years and in that time two of the Great Seven vowed fealty to Astaroth and another two were annihilated completely.

It was under the shadows of darkness that Astaroth forged his own kingdom on top of the ruined city of Alcatierre and named the new kingdom Seviroth. In the middle of this new kingdom stood an enormous tower that shadowed everything in its wake and was made from a dark stone that was gathered from deep within the earth. It was in this tower that Astaroth created a creature that held the power of shadow and was immortal to sunlight and any man made weapon. Astaroth named the creature Zerith a name meaning ‘Shadow beast’in the old language.

It was dawn when Astaroth released Zerith onto the world and the three remaining kingdoms still fighting watched as the creature sapped the magic from the trees. So before Zerith could take any more magic, the trees took a long breath and showed Astaroth the full extent of their magic’s.

They trapped Astaroth and Zerith into two trees, suffocating their magic and their evil until finally Astaroth and Zerith could do no more harm. Without Astaroth’s power fuelling his army the remaining great kingdoms regained their control, driving the army to Seviroth and there they stayed in the kingdom of shadow and darkness.

There was no overwhelming victory for the good and no great salvation that arrived in the last moments of battle there was only an ending.

But this story is not about the heroes of the war, it is not about young warriors journeying on a quest to defeat Astaroth and his army. This story is about Astaroth himself, the boy with the potential to become one of the most adored and prolific Mages of all time, who, instead became the thorn of Alcatierre and of the world.

This story is about the boy who became Astaroth. 

The End

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