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Samson was a curious boy since his childhood. Not the type of curious in which normal children would wonder about normal subjects such as “how was I born?” or “what do grown up people do?” Sam was the obscure type of curious. He would wonder about death and hell, suffering and sorrow, but most commonly, he would think about killing methods. If you ask yourself “why?” I would have to start from the very beginnings of this creature’s cognitive development; when he was about five years old.


Samson Greene was a boy with a pale complexity and dark facial features, by this I mean his eyes, brows, hair and even mouth looked like deep black abysses. As if just by one look, he could absorb you into his thoughts thanks to the eternal gravity that pulled from the bottomless pits in his eyes. But his physical appearance was not the only thing that traumatized his classmates. It was the way he behaved. Some say that it was because of his obsession with horror movies, filled with gore and violence. Whilst others debated that it was because of the way his parents’ influenced him.


The Greene family was a group of weaponry fanatics. They owned a large collection of weapons. Moreover, it was a tradition in their family to learn how to hunt by the age of eight. Every Friday, they had a “movie night”, but not the banal “family-like” movie night, it was a weekly visual violence-feed. Sam, being the only child in that family, felt greatly influenced by his parents. He felt that if he couldn’t make them proud, no one would.


This boy became obsessed with the idea of training his shooting skills. Every day, returning from school he would practice shooting at wild animals such as birds and hares, and later on, he would take the corpses and feed them to his dog: Ramus. At this stage, Sam was about twelve years old. He defined shooting as a simple and harmless hobby, but no one ever thought it would come down to a massacre one day.


August 19, 2013 - A terrorising shooting occurred around 2 pm inside a high school library. 14 deaths including 11 students and 3 teachers. The gun-shooter was a white male teenager with black paint all over his face. School teachers identified him as «Samson Greene» of around fifteen years old.


No one could have ever thought of how he ended up committing such a crime. He was angry. Sammy was angry because he could not satisfy his parents with his school grades. But this was not the main reason of why he did it. He claimed that something took over him; a song’s message. At the depression time, Sam would listen to songs, but not the nice ones. Songs with screaming and violent lyrics. One day, he fell asleep whilst listening to a song called: «I’m happy you’re dead». The next day, he woke up with a strange sensation. He felt pumped up with adrenaline and much stronger than the other days. But he was also decided to kill that day. But not just an insect, or a bird, or a hare. He wanted to kill something bigger and more valuable. Maybe he would feel even more powerful after killing. He would feel less ignored and much better, like in the movies and his favourite songs, in which the protagonists would come out happier than ever after killing.


Samson remembered of this poem he read the other day at class:

“Today I am going to kill something. Anything.

I have had enough of being ignored and today

I am going to play God. It is an ordinary day,

a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets”

It was written by Carol Ann Duffy, and he certainly felt that way. He even felt proud of actually remembering about this poem as he normally hated poetry.


The next thing he did was grab some black paint and cover his entire face. He wanted to look dangerous and immortal, as if he was some kind of demon. He searched for his father’s repeater gun and grabbed some ammunition before leaving the base; he was already feeling like a military soldier in some sort of important mission. As Sam entered the school passage, everyone stared at him with disgrace. They thought he was making some kind of lame joke; coming in with black paint and black clothes. “Ugh, what a racist for God’s sake” “He looks disgusting, what is he trying to do?” But as the bell rang and everyone went to their classes, Samson waited outside the library. Just like a jaguar hiding in the tall grass waiting for her prey. As soon as the second bell rang, the hidden jaguar jumped onto the precious preys.


Samson Greene was arrested by the murdering 14 subjects and the injuring of 5 students. After being interviewed in the interrogatory room, the police-investigators concluded that they should take him to be psychoanalysed in case he had some kind of mental illness that triggered his actions. And, if possible, later explain to the people of the town a reasonable explanation for this boy’s actions. Furthermore (if likely), keep a peaceful population and satisfy them with whatever they could tell them; he knew the media was as powerful as this. These two thoughts were in the police-investigator’s mind.


The interview was recorded and the video was as simple as this:

«Samson Greene, what was the reason for your sudden crimes towards human lives? » asked the police-investigator

«...isn’t it great? That feeling of power and strength that fills your veins with adrenaline? » he replied «it is just like when you watch the movies, but with a stronger impact»

«You have not answered the question mister Greene» warned the police-investigator

«...haven’t you felt that same excitement when you listen to crazy songs? I don’t know if you get me but, you know, those guys that scream their lungs out. They seem to feel so alive…» Sam answered with a monotonous voice that altered the investigator

«...» there was a moment of silence and both stared at each other with slight curiosity, but one with an obscure curiosity in contrast.


The young one had this look in his eyes. Like two massive black holes that tried to absorb the police’s thoughts away. That was when the police-investigator decided to call a psychoanalyst.


Finally, the psychoanalyst had a simple conclusion of why he behaved in such an obsessive way towards guns. According to her, Samson had been influenced by the extensive violent history of the country. The typical one. Our country was so obsessed with violence, that he was also drawn into this kind of obsession. Another conclusion was that he feared that other people of different ethnicities might hurt him, and therefore, he needed self-defence. However, he got so obsessed with this “self-defence” idea that he became paranoid and feared of anyone, including his own classmates.


As he was dragged along the aisle by the policemen, Samson lived in his own world; a world full of adrenaline and power. The press finally expressed the psychoanalyst’s conclusions of why Samson Greene acted in such a sadistic manner. Everyone became aware of this: started to fear other people of different ethnicities and also feared of their own neighbours... “What if my son is influenced by the violence in other families?” Everyone locked their doors tight and prayed every night...bought guns just to hide them away from their kids…it was a year of fear and mistrust, of contradiction and hypocrisy. Everything fell apart as everyone began to separate their social links, becoming more paranoiac.


Instead of doing that, they could have feared of the media, the actual guilty of the whole situation. And maybe then solve the terror within each household in that town. But the worst part is that no one really knows the actual origin of how Samson Greene was created. Everything is a simple and censored lie published by the press and the media. If someone knew what had happened to him during his childhood, someone would actually cure the violence in this town, but no one knows. No one knows except you.

The End

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