Chapter 1

Skyler Mikaelson is sick and tired of her husband the big bad hybrid, Klaus Mikaelson, thinking he can do whatever he wants, and she'll always forgive him. So to teach him a lesson, having no more patience she decides to finally teach him a lesson. After a major fight over his obsession with finding a doppelganger, she packs her bags and leaves him (again). No matter how hard she tries Skyler cannot shake Klaus Mikaelson out of her life for good. After 87 years of being apart Skyler is finally r

Skyler’s POV

After 87 years of seeing the world, and having my own life adventures. I was finally ready to return to reality. Where my name wasn’t Ariel Welding, it was Skyler Mikaelson. Where I was a married woman, with a family. In reality, I wasn’t some average human, I was an original vampire. A member of the original family. In reality I was married to the big bad Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson. It took me about two months to track that husband of mine, two months where I was able to live in a dream of an innocent girl who died long ago. A dream where she would meet her prince charming. A dream where she would live happily ever after with her prince, and their children. But life isn’t a fairy tale, nothing is that easy.
When I first arrived in New Orleans, I was filled with memories where for a little while I thought I could still have my fairy tale ending after all. But as they say all good things must come to an end. When my family first came here to the newly founded colony of New Orleans it was nothing, just some settlers with a dream of a new world. My family took it upon themselves to help, we build the city it something beautiful. Soon the cursed Mikael found us and we were forced to run, once again from the hopes of ever having a home.
The joy of actually having a home, was once again pulled from our hands. People say we’re monsters, but they don’t know that the true monsters were simply a mother who committed adultery, and father who hated his own children enough to chase them to the end of the world. Wanting nothing more than to rid the world of their supposed evil. After that Niklaus became obsessed with breaking the curse that contained his werewolf side. His obsession soon came between us, which is why I decided I needed a break from him and his obsession.
But I was finally ready to return to my crazy life, as the Hybrid’s wife. I missed him, and always will love him, no doubt about that. To find him I had to use compulsion on vampires, and humans alike. I tracked him down to a hotel that’s a couple blocks from the compound.
I walked up to the front desk and rang the stupid little bell. I turned on the charm when I realized the receptionist was a guy who looked to be about twenty-five.
“Hello welcome to King’s Crossing, my name is Braven. How can I help you?” he asked giving a small polite smile. I smiled shyly, and got into the character of a shy, helpless, and lost young woman.
“Hello, I hate to disrupt you but can you help me? I’m lost and can’t seem to find a friend of mine.” I replied trying my best to not just use compulsion. I think if I can, I shouldn’t always use compulsion.
“Well you can call him on the hotel phone if you wish.” He replied still being polite. I sighed and quickly thought of an excuse.
“I can’t, you see I don’t know his number by heart. But I’m pretty sure he is staying here. Can you check and see if he is checked in here or not?” I asked trying to not drop my act. Usually I would have forced the information, but I was too nervous to do that.
“Sure, I guess. Name please” He answered getting on the computer.
“Of course Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson. Spelled M-I-K-A-E-L-S-O-N.” I answered back trying to sneak a peek at the screen.
“Sorry, there is no Mikaelson staying here at the moment.” Braven said after a moment.
“Are you sure? I’m 100% sure he’s supposed to be staying here, Check again.” I replied slightly confused.
“Ma’am, he isn’t here. You might want to check another hotel. Now if you please get out of line there are others waiting?” He dismissed me with a flick of his hand. After a second, I decided to stop the games.
“Ok, um but first. Can I see your eyes, their absolutely beautiful?” I stalled, when I made it clear I wasn’t moving he complied and thanked me for the compliment.
“You’re going to look again, and this time, check your history too. Check to see if Klaus Mikaelson has stayed in this hotel in the last year. Now.” I said glancing around to see if anyone heard me. After about ten minutes, Braven finished looking through the guest list.
“Sorry, there is no record of a Klaus Mikaelson ever staying here.” He said looking up at me, expectantly. I took a deep breath and looked back at Braven.
“Ok, thanks. Now you won’t remember this. I asked you to check to see if he was staying here. He wasn’t here and thanked you and then I left.” I said looking into his eyes. “Do you understand?” I asked just to make sure he wasn’t taking vervain, he nodded his head. As soon as I go the all clear, I walked away from the desk already knowing what to do next.

The End

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