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the order of magic is about a girl living in the 17th century with a physicatric disorder, the girl (jane) needs to realize shes crazy before its too late...but will she??

The Order of Magic

By: Emily A. Scotti

One dark and dismal day there was a small house with a small yard. In the house there lived a 9 year old named Jane Smith. She lived with her step mother, Sarah Sainsbury and her father Jacob Smith. As Jane sat upon her bed she stopped reading to look outside at a sudden movement from the corner of her eye. Then she saw it, it was black and had deep ice blue eyes but something was out of place. She thought it looked like a shadow of a person. Quickly she took a notepad to write down what she had seen.

        The next day Jane reported what she had written to the police.” Well whatever that thing was it must have fled its territory.” Chief Samuel explained to a panic stricken Jane “B, B, But I saw it!” exclaimed Jane.

        Later that night when Jane had gone to bed she heard a voice whisper and caress her ears, “come to us Jane, come to Circe, and Leave the order.” The voice grew icier and sharper each time it was repeated. “What do you want with me?” Jane asked out loud. “You are the power source of the realms I need your soul to complete my power of having control over the realms!” The voice shrieked. Then Jane was forced awake by someone shaking her at least she thought someone was shaking her.

        As Jane walked to her boarding school with her friends Mary-Anne and Felicity, she told them all about her troubles. “Well you must have had a god damn bloody nightmare!” exclaimed Felicity. “Yea she must have seeing how shitty she looks right now.” Mary- Anne said. When the girls reached school the principle of the school walked towards them “Late for class I assume?” She said. “Yes” said the girls in unison. “Well I will let it pass for today but don’t make a habit of being late.” The principle said coolly.

        During Mrs.LeFargo’s speech about the history of the French langue Felicity passed a note to Jane “I have visions too, sometimes they are vivid.” “Does Mary-Anne have them as well?” Jane wrote back. Felicity just shrugged her shoulders. Then Mary-Anne shook her head yes. “Oh dear saints!” cried Felicity as she fell to the floor. As of that moment Jane realized what was happening as she fell to the floor along with Felicity and Mary-Anne.

        In their vision Jane saw a temple, but as soon as she saw Felicity she ran up to her. Jane could see Felicity holding what looked like a rock with strange drawings inscribed on it. “What in the name of Saint Mary is that?” Jane asked. Felicity responded in a slurred voice like when Mrs.Nightwing drinks too much sherry, “It is a rune” Felicity said. “Felicity, you okay?” Mary-Anne asked. “Yea I’m fine.” She replied.

When Jane, Mary-Anne and Felicity had gotten back from the realms they saw, around the corner from them Mrs.Nightwing and a gypsy talking. The girls crept closer to hear; I don’t know what I shall do with those 3 girls. The gypsy asked what their names are; Nightwing said Jane Smith, Mary-Anne Temple and Felicity Crimson. The girls gasped in horror at her words. What was wrong with them? Was the question going through the minds of three terrified 12 year olds. “I shall keep an eye on them if it would please you.” The gypsy said with admiration. At the snap of a branch both women looked up and Mrs.Nightwing ran back to the school.

        That night all 3 girls dreamed of the temple where the runes were stored. All of the girls had a rough night turning over again and again and lapsed in and out of nightmares that seemed quite vivid in their heads. In their dreams they saw the temple being destroyed while their friends and families were being held hostage. In the dream each girl had to chose, save my family and friends or save the realms. Either way the girls would die a tragic, death where they would suffer for eternity. Mrs.Nightwing heard screaming coming from on of the dorms, dorm 3B. As she hurried down the stone corridor the screams grew louder. Once she reached dorm 3B she shook the girls’ shoulders forcing them awake.

        The next morning the trio met up after Sunday morning prayers. “I can’t believe we all have visions and have power to runes!” Mary-Anne said with delight. “Yes but we do have to control ourselves.” Jane chided. At 1pm they returned to their studies, In Mrs.Lefargo’s class they all sat next to each other and passed notes. One said “Mrs.LeFargo is a weird teacher” They all giggled at that. After class was over the girls went out on lake with a school dinghy. “This is delightfully peaceful weather.” Pipa said from the bank. As soon as it hit 1:30 Mary-Anne went into shock. “Some one go get Mrs.Nightwing!” cried Felicity. As soon as Jane heard this without a second thought, she dived into the water and swam to the shore and ran to Mrs.Nightwing. Mrs.Nightwing saw the fear in Jane’s eyes and ran to the bank’s edge. After Mary-Anne was stable, Mrs.Nightwing scolded Jane for soaking her petticoats. “But Mrs.Nightwing I we were trying to help Mary-Anne, not trying to get ourselves in trouble.” Jane pleaded “You can’t send us away, Please don’t!” Jane begged with the other girls pleading with her. “Sorry I have to serve you your punishment, one for getting wet and second, Mary-Anne for faking a seizure.” Mrs.Nightwing said with disappointment in her voice.

Chapter 2

the Order begins

        As the girls packed their bags they came up with an idea, to escape into a gypsy camp nearby till winter then they would come back to school as beggars. “Wait why don’t we go to the realms.” Suggested Felicity, “Yea let’s try.” Agreed Mary-Anne and Jane.

When they were in the realms Jane saw someone she hadn’t seen since she was 8years old. It was her real mother, Sophia Smith. Jane couldn’t believe her eyes,” Mother” Jane whispered to a shadowed figure in a tattered blue and green silk dress. Once Jane reached her mother she hugged her and cried tears of pure joy at the sight of her long lost mother. After everyone had exchanged pleasantries Jane’s mother said “Wow what a lovely group of talented young girls.” As everyone moved to the picnic blanket Mary-Anne reached for some berries on a nearby bush. “Don’t eat those berries, or else you won’t be able to go back.” Sophia warned. Once Mary-Anne put the berries in the river the girls stood up to leave. “Goodbye Mother.” Jane said “Goodbye darling.” Sophia replied.

        By the time the girls had returned their suspension was over. “Well that lasted very long.” Felicity mused in surprise of all the time it had taken to go to and from. When the girls saw Mrs.Nightwing she walked forward as she did she grunted and fell bleeding to the ground, above her was Pippa with the bloodied knife. “P, P, Pippa.” Mary-Anne stammered. “Pippa.” Breathed Jane. Pippa fell to the floor sobbing and slightly bloody. “I’m so sorry; all I wanted was to be special like you 3.” She sobbed. “Welcome to the club.” Felicity said with an edge to her voice. Then the 4 girls rose and ran up the stairs to the classrooms and yelled at the top of their lungs, “Help! Help! Someone stabbed Mrs.Nightwing!” they cried over and over.

        At Mrs.Nightwing’s funeral everyone wept except the 4 girls with a deep, dark burden now on their shoulders. These 4 were Jane, Mary-Anne, Felicity and Pippa. Who were too scared to weep because it may give their burden away? The vice mistress, Mrs.Gemma noticed this and took note carefully. 2 weeks after Mrs.Nightwing’s funeral the sheriff came to the academy to ask questions to the foursome. Each girl said the same thing; they were all walking together in the garden when they saw someone running in the opposite direction of the parlor and east end of the foyer. So in curiosity they went to the parlor and found Mrs.Nightwing who by that time had bled to death on the white carpet of the foyer. After everyone was questioned with their whereabouts the sheriff arrested an Irish maid who was the only one who wasn’t accounted for and was the only one in the foyer at the time of Mrs.Nightwing’s untimely death. As the maid was being pulled into the cart she was screaming and pointing at the 4 solemn girls. “Very well then. Girls go back to your studies, except for Jane and Pippa please.” Mrs.Gemma said. “Ok Mrs.Gemma.” the girls of Manderly academy chorused. Once the rest of the girls had left Mrs.Gemma asked about their behavior along with the two others. Jane responded “We were just too stunned to cry we were still getting over the shock of her death.” “Pippa? Is this true?’ Mrs.Gemma asked “Yes Miss.” Was the answer.

Chapter 3

The End of the Order?

        After Jane and Pippa had returned to class they met up with Felicity and Mary-Anne. “What happened? What did she ask? Does she know” Felicity asked worried. “No but she won’t stop until she does.” Pippa said. “That’s not good, for anyone who knows what she’ll do.” Mary-Anne said. As the foursome left the great hall Mrs.Gemma called all 4 girls over this time. “Girls, someone is here to see you in the west end of the parlor.” Mrs.Gemma said as she pointed in the general direction of the parlor. The person in the parlor was Sheriff Samuel and he had 4 pairs of children’s handcuffs in his pockets. As they entered he said “You all have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law, you have the right to an attorney if you can’t provide one, one will be provided by the state. You will all be held in police custody until your trial.” The girls were astonished! How had their secret got out? Did anyone see Pippa kill her? Why were they all being brought to a trial? Strangely none of them could answer the questions whizzing through their minds all they could feel was fear. Throat tight, gripping fear of the secret and of what would happen to them.

Chapter 4

The Trial

        The date was April 24, 1600 when the girls were in the courthouse ready to acquire their gruesome fate. By noon the judge and jury had given their verdict, Pippa was guilty of manslaughter and the other 3 accomplices for not coming forward when asked about the quandary. They were to be sent to the gallows in 3 days. Until then they would be put in separate cells.

        Sure enough 3 days later there were 4 small bodies swinging from the gibbet each face displaying a face of pure convulsion at the agony. The girl’s families were surprised at nature of the punishment and of what had happened. Even Jane’s baby cousin, Clarissa Worthington was scared because whenever she asked “Where is Auntie Jane?” her parents would exchange a look of pain and say “She’s at school dear.” But as Clarissa grew older she knew something was wrong.


        Once the bodies were taken down they were examined the girl’s brains had a disease called schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is……………..

1.     Psychiatry. Also called dementia praecox.  A severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following features: emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations.

2.     A state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

The End

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