Chapter One

"Laura loses her best friend when she is 8, she has been talking to Milly for over 11 years, just as she is decides to let Milly go, she has a horrible vision that could harm her best friend and the spirit world"

“Milly, I am craving cupcakes from Tracie’s, do you want some”

“Laura, I am not hungry, I see Mr Bennet is watering the lilies with only his underwear again”

“Milly, What a pervert”

“Mr Bennet, I heard that Milly”

Jake walks past the porch; he is tall, handsome with a temper to match his wallet. He looks around the garden and walks on to the porch and sits next to Laura and stares her down. “You talking to yourself again, really Laura when are you going to let this crazy thing go, people are starting to talk”

Annoyed - Laura “Who cares if I am crazy, what do you want Jake?” Laura walks in to the house and heads straight to the kitchen, pulls a glass from the cupboard and shift towards the tap, her hair swings weightlessly to the breeze coming from the kitchen window; she tilts her head and shows her green eyes.

Jake felt out of breath “what a beauty” he thought, his hands sweating he slips and hits his shoulder on the cupboard and almost fell flat on his face.

“Laura, Jake you should be more careful you never know who is behind you?” Laura slightly smiles and enjoys the folly of Jake.

She walks to the front door and opens the door gently and swings her hand to show Jake the exit.

“Laura, Jake go home, I need some me time”.

After Jake leaves Laura goes back to the kitchen and looks at the sunset, the warm breeze and the light filtering her skin takes her on a journey of memories of her as a child and how Milly died, she has to let her go, she is the one holding Milly back.

She wonders if she will have enough courage to do all this without Milly. With a sigh, she wonders how her future will turn out.

She gets up and walks to her bedroom, switch on the radio and walks in to the shower. She stands under the shower head and starts humming a song.

She opens her eyes and she sees Milly on fire, and a mark which looked like a star marked on her head. She hears screams and
 a  clear voice saying” you have to stop”. Laura pulls back hitting her head on the shower tile. She falls through the shower glass.

The End

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