One: Atmosphere, Zeke, and Dumbness.

I understand.

He hates me. But I don't understand why. I stared curiously at Zeke, my best friend's pitbul. He just sat there in Kathy's room, staring at me with his huge brown eyes. Kathy was being a loser of a friend and was checking on MySpace. Who goes into MySpace anymore? It's Facebook, the King of Social Networking but will she understand?


My thoughts went back to Zeke, who moved a little to sit on his hunches. Maybe because I reek like a cat. Shoni, my black and white cat, to knead my neck, rubbing her scent on me. What is she trying to prove? That I am hers? Well, I love her, too, but I also like dogs. 

Maybe....I have an idea! If I take shower before heading over here, Zeke will start to like me more. But, there could be other reasons why he hates me. I heard the noise of a chair get twisted and I looked at Kathy, who was cracking her knuckles. 

"You know you will get problems in your fingers if you are in the computer for far to long!" I said, sitting like Indians on her bright multi-colored bed. 

"I won't. I think you would have problems because you are a writer." she countered and I laughed.

"I do it once in a while, unlike you. Hey, forget it. Tell me, again, why Zeke hates me?" I asked and she just shook her head.

"Zeke is trying to figure you out. He is used to see me in cloths that I have. He is used to see you in your school uniform. Now that your cloths are changing every other day, he is getting confused. Is it the real Alexis or some other girl with same hair color?" explained Kathy as she petted Zeke's head. He barked happily and licked her hand. "Ew! Gross! Don't lick--you nasty!" Zeke just blinked his brown eyes at her, his tongue out.

Suddenly, The Glass House, by Atmosphere rang out, causing Kathy, Zeke and I to jump in shock. Realizing that it was my phone, I patted my front pockets until I found the familiar shape of my phone. I removed my cell phone and saw the caller I.D. 

I sighed, angrily and ignored the call, enjoying the ringtone.

"Harris?" Kathy asked, knowingly. I nodded, angrily.

"Can't he get the drift that I am ignoring him?" I asked and she just laughed.

"He is stupid. What did you see in him?" 

"Absolutely nothing. He looked smart. He talked smartly. But when you see the true side of him, you will ask your self why you went dumb." I said and she started to giggled. "I am not kidding. I was just lucky that there was no gun around or else I would clearly shot him or myself."

"He is that bad? Oh my god. I will remember this and if he asked me out, I will say no faster than speed of light." said Kathy as I went through my music in my phone. Then I saw all the songs of Atmosphere. I put The Glass House on and placed my phone to my side. 

Kathy and I bobbed our head to Atmosphere's raps and rapped with him. He is one good rapper. Zeke also liked Atmosphere, surprisingly. He is slightly nodding his head, too. Even though he is curious about me, I love him so much for the taste of music.

"Anyways, movies tomorrow?"

"For sure! I am hella bored in this house!"

The End

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