The Orchid And The SpiderMature

Allie forced herself through the huddling masses of hormone-stricken drunken teenagers, as they danced and jumped around to the loud pumping music. It was four in the morning; Allie had come to this party to meet someone who had promised to help further her in her career. He had turned out to be a complete creep. Greasy slicked back hair, and a moustache that screamed mollester, he instantly had given her bad signals. Although, the final bell went off when he reached forward and tried to slide his hand up her skirt.

She'd had enough; she slugged him, and broke his nose. He'd run around screaming about his nose, with blood pouring everywhere and Allie had calmly gotten up and walked away. Now she was trying to escape this rave.

As she was making it towards the exit of the building another 'no-brains, all-dick' moron tried to rub up against her. Allie pushed him into a crowd of guys jumping around, spurring up an instant fight between the group. She ignored them and made her way to the door out. She grabbed her large hooded jacket from the entryway and hugged it close to her body as she kicked the door open and jumped outside into the cold November air.

The pumping beat followed her outside, until the metal fire-escape door slammed shut behind her, and left behind an ominous silence.

The wind suddenly picked up and caught her bare legs, instantly producing goosebumps along her white skin. She had a mile to walk and no other way of getting there. She was going to be very cold, but at least she had somewhere warm and safe to go to.

Holding the large jacket tightly against her and snuggling inside she proceeded to begin to walk down the empty street towards the direction of her apartment. Bloor street was nearly a ghost-town at this time of night, and with the bad weather, there weren't too many avid drivers out. She took advantage of the lack of vehicles and paraded coldy down the center of the street.

She cursed her luck, so far there had been no results from her tireless work attempting to sell her voice. No one seemed interested and lately she was wishing she had never come here. Unfortunately here she was, and here she was also stuck. She had no one to run to, no one to help her out when she was in need; financially or otherwise. She was totally and completely alone; and now she was physically alone as well.

She was cursing the bitter cold but glad for it as well. It would chase off any creeps in the dark alley's, looking for some easy fun.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks as the wind blew in her eyes. She sniffed hard trying to stop her nose from running, but it was to no avail, the liquid still ran forth and froze to her face. Her feet left tiny footprints in the snow as she went as well. She felt as thought it was a sign of her existence. She may not be important to the world, she may not mean much in it, but she existed, and this proved it.

Although, come morning, the snow plow would soon wipe her from existence once more. The thought made her sad, but she realized that this was the world. You could always leave footprints but eventually someone would scrape them away again. All you had to do was keep leaving more footprints than they could keep up with.

Maybe one day she'd be able to leave footprints that could never be scrapped away; that was her dream at least.

She felt like singing right now, not because she was happy, obviously she was far from it, but because her singing was what kept her company; like her nightlight in the dark. It also was what kept her going. When life tried to tread her down, she wrote a new song to fend it off and she sang it all day to herself. She even sang at that shit-hole she called work.

The old diner with more cockroaches than what was on the menu. She hated that job, and all the dirty old guys were always learing at her and trying to grab her ass. If only they knew she was only sixteen; actually they'd probably try to do it more then, she reasoned.

Allie shoved her hands in her pockets and quieted her mind, it was starting to annoy her, and she just wanted a quiet walk home.


When she reached the crappy old building that was her home, she pulled open the metal brown door and shuffled inside quickly. She was freezing, and it wasn't much better in the old hallway. She climbed the dirty, run-down stairs, covered in old newspapers and they stank of urine. She finally reached the top floor and pulled out her key, until she stopped and opened her mouth in surprise.

All of her belongings were piled outside her apartment door, in disarray almost, and a note signed by the Toronto Police Department was tacked to the door; it was a notice of eviction. She had been late by one month, and the bastard had evicted her. There had to be laws against this, but she was only sixteen and she probably couldn't do much, save, getting herself put into a foster home. She ripped the note away and tried her key anyways. She already knew it was a pathetic attempt at nothing as the doorknob was a shiny new brass colour; the landlord had replaced the entire knob, lock and all.

She threw the key at the door knob and started to cry sullenly. The tears just escaped, and she hated it so much that she cried harder. She never cried, not even when she was abandoned by the man she thought she loved and left to live in this apartment and fend for herself.

This was the final straw though, she was thoroughly fucked. She had no apartment to hole up in, no where safe to go, no one to trust. She had unreliable people in her life, who she just brazenly called friends. There was no real person to take care of her, except herself.

She leaned back against the door and slid down to the floor in tears, looking over all of her stuff in dismay. There was no way she would ever be able to carry all of this. All of her clothes, and her cooking utensils; her personal items that reminded her of home.

She couldn't take it and she didn't want to leave it; she knew that if she left it here, it would be gone by morning.

Looking over everything, the tears blurring her vision, she came to a quick decision. She had a friend not far from here that she could probably bunk with for a night or two, not so much a friend as a girl who she worked with. It was the only person she really trusted though, so she would have to do.

Standing up, Allie gathered up as much as she could, but even then she was dropping a few items. She stuffed her pockets and took handfulls as well, then she slowly and reluctantly began to walk away from the rest of her things. At the top of the stairs she looked back and stared at the sad items, left alone to the fate of whoever found them first. She felt as though she were abandoning everything she was, and it was so unfair; this was her stuff and she would never see it again.

She tugged her eyes away, and without looking back she slowly made her way down the stairs and back out into the cold snowy night to walk a little further, in search of shelter.


Allie pounded on the door for another few minutes until finally she heard the bolt pull back and the door opened. A sleepy eyed blonde girl peered out into the hallway, and her eyes widended when she saw her co-worker.

"Allie what are you doing here?" she asked.

Allie just started to cry again right away, and dropped her things on the ground, kneeling into them in tears. Her friend knelt down with her and hugged her close.

"It's alright, just come inside; you can sleep on the couch," her friend said, without having to ask anymore.

Allie, slowly gathered up her things, her friend helping, and she pulled what was left of her life inside, as her friend closed the door behind her. Giving her a place to stay for at least a few nights before Allie would have to figure out what was next.

The End

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