The Orchid.

He handed me the the orchid. We were standing outside the theater room, him coming out of the rest room while I was heading towards it. He was thanking me for stopping the crazed girls from attacking him. He gave the flower to me with his amazing blue eyes. Who? Leonardo DiCaprio.

Act: 0

His blue eyes.

His serious but interested face.

The way he held himself.

Thats what got myself into falling deeply in love with him.

But I know, I can't tell him my feelings. He is an actor. He is a shark. He has probably many girls after him and I am no different than any girl. He will say yes, lead me to bed, then break up with me.

But are you like that, Leonardo? Are you like those actors who like to use you and throw you away like a tissue paper? Or are you a caring actor like one of a kind ones?

Who are you?



The End

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