This is a story about an orb, it is neither living or dead. But this thing as a mind of its own, and I mean that quite literally.


He was holding it! He was holding the orb itself! He let loose a shout of victory and madness. How long he had waited for this moment! Do it! Do it for me my pet! He stared at the orb with lust in his eyes. He must obey the orb, his orb! He held it forward, a large blast of pure energy blasted his former Kingdom, his home, to mere rubble.  Great work! he heard in his mind. Oh, how that pleased him! Now it is time to get what I promised you. He heard in his mind. The orb glowed bright, and brighter. He scream. "What is this?" He shouted. Your reward.The orb started melting him, flesh and bone! "NOOOOOO!" He screamed out in madness. He continued his screaming until he was reduced to a puddle of gore. Haetaz, the orb, was pleased. It had manipulated the human all too easily. All it had to do now was wait, wait until another unfortunate fool can its way. Then it would wreak utter chaos. 

The End

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