Free Souls

Dear Gavin,

We met each other for a reason. Two people alone, always struggling, united in passion. I gave you some of the best moments of your existence, and tools that shaped your life. You gave me a reason to glow. You pushed my happiness out the nest and watched it soar, and you hopped on with a tool kit of your own.

Good things come to an end, dragged down by the negatives that weight it, but these pains shall pass and things happen for a reason.

This grieving period was a time of remembering memories. Its not to go back to the way things used to be, its to shed a positive light on what was and laugh at our good times.

I am excited to move on, start fresh anew. I like the idea of dusting myself off to climb a fresh challenge. So are you. And I know we will see each other soon, and smile with shared passions, but it is time to adapt what was.

We shall continue to love in the ways that we do, more experienced than before. And we shall both leap from the nest at our own time, in our own way, in our own directions. And be free souls. Because that's how it was meant to be.

The End

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