The OpheliacMature

Story about an obsessive love in a Freak Show.

The sallow-looking girl stood on the very tips of her toes as she tried to reach the food which resided on the very top shelf. Her skinny legs quivered as they strained to keep balanced on the thin-heeled shoes. 

'Here, let me get that,' a tall red-headed women who boasted an extra eye on her forehead smiled kindly. 

'Thank you, Erin.' She said quietly, half closing her eyes.

'I wonder when you'll grow, Mona?'

The petite girl shrugged, looking away. Erin sighed and handed Mona a slice of bread; which she proceeded to thrust into her mouth greedily before trotting out of the caravan quickly.

She received a few curt nods as she shuffled through the circus' living quarters, and even gained one or two wolf whistles from the vulgar mechanics in the lighting department.  Mona tugged her fishnet socks up higher nervously, but her garter belt refused to let her do so; making them slack again.

She hummed an edgy song with excessive high notes as she ranted furiously in her head, this outfit isn't needed. Other's can wear modern clothing. I hate it. I'm not a whore. I'm a musician!

'Mona, Mona!' The Bosses voice rang out clear and deep through the maze of tents and vans. She instinctively halted, not turning around to greet him. He slipped a arm around her small waist, gripping her hip. Mona resisted the urge to shudder. 

'You need to fill in for Paul and Perry today, Perry isn't feeling too well. And, you know how it is.' He grumbled gruffly. The former brothers were a siamese twin comedy act. Often making crude jokes about women and the likes.

'I have a piece.' She replied, 'a new one.' 

'Great, great!' He kissed her, leaning on her for more time than necessary. Mona pushed him away with her bony fingers, smiling a small smile.

'I am going to practice now.'

'One A.M., Mona! One A.M.' He reminded her of the time she needed to be there.

She started off walking gain, counting the steps to her caravan. She was one of the lucky performers who were granted decent sized housing. But that's probably because they didn't want to loose one of their only musician's in the show. 

Mona tapped the diamond-littered mask which invaded half of her face, stroking the risen lines of the kite pattern. This was the only reason they took her in. The undesirable

That her music wasn't the only beautiful thing in the show.

The End

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