He took two steps towards me with his fists clenched  tightly,  his knuckles white.The human instinct of self-preservation kicked in right then.Suddenly my  head was reeling, trying to figure out how to get out of there.But in my heart i knew i had no chance of escape.I had found out about his sick game through a fluke accident.Our village had been buzzing for the last few weeks when our quiet little village had become a spectacle for the public with the media crawling all over the place like vermin trying to escape a fire.The reason for this was that there had been a chain of disappearances ,all women of there mid-twentys.The guards appealed to the public everyday for any information on the where-abouts of the women.My brother had always been a mystery to me but recently he had become very secretive and had begun to question me anytime i talked to him , asking what i had heard about the disappearances.The thunder cracked again illuminating the dark room.I had never known this room to be oppressive but at that moment it seemed very dank and dreary.It was a day like this when i got the call.My brother had been taking extra shifts for 2 months.He worked at the local dump just outside the village.The storm had caused a landside at the dump.He had called me hysterical and shaken, begging me to come and help him.When i tried to ask what was wrong he just told me to hurry.When i got there the scene was sickening! With the heavy down-pour of rain a landslide had occured at the dump revealing the naked bodys of all the women who had disappeared.He begged me to help him to hide the bodys.I took one look at him, my baby brother, who i had helped raise and i got to work.As i helped him re-bury the bodys i noticed the faces of neighbours who i had gone to school with.I cryed myself to sleep that night shedding a tear for each girl who i had helped him re-bury.I thought that after the embarrassment he had had to go through that night he would stop.I didn't ask how he had gotten into it , i just forgot the whole incident.But the following week another woman disappeared.I was shocked and outraged!

         I knew at that moment that he had to be stopped.............

The End

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