The Only One Who Knows

You were in my dream last night.  Yes, as difficult as it may be to believe, I still dream of you from time to time.  We had planned to meet at your place, where ever that was.  And when I arrived, you greeted me so kindly; it warmed my heart.  We sat down and talked.  That's all we did.  We reminisced about our time together and laughed about it all. 

We didn't talk about the pain.  We didn't talk about the hate.  We didn't talk about how it all fell apart.  We just talked about how good it was.

And then we asked about each others' current lives, about school, about family, about what we'd done over the past few years since we'd last talked.  It was pleasant.  It relieved me that I could know you again, to know that you hadn't faded into something foul.

Towards the end of the conversation, I asked you one question.  The only intelligible words I remember from the conversation.

"Are you single?"

"Yes," you mouthed to me.

The dream faded into a white, cloudy abyss, and your face was gone.  

The End

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