Life is too ShortMature

         It gets better. Everyone says that, but it's hard to believe when you are going through the worst. Not long after Phil saved me, there was a long legal battle. Phil's parents fought for guardian rights over me. They won the case and there is a restraining order against my step-father. Phil's parents welcomed me into their home like I was their second child, I now know where Phil got his big heart and kindness.

        The mental recovery was slow to say the least. I tried to eat proper sized meals right away, but I would fell nauseous and vomit. My body was used to a low average caloric intake that I could only increase about 100 calories a week. Two years later, I'm eating properly and got my weight up to 150. It's still a little low, but it's much better than what it was. As for the cutting, I've stopped. The cuts have faded into pink and brown scars. It was hard to stop the cutting when I couldn't stop the negative voices in my head. I was able to throw out all the razor blades, except one. I keep it because it reminds me of what shaped me in life and what I made it through to get to this point. Some days are extremely difficult, I lie on the floor and question my life. One person pulls me off the floor and provides me with the answers I'm looking for.

       Phil helped me the most. I started to see a psychologist and Phil has been with me at every appointment. After Phil graduated high school, he took a year's break before heading off to Uni. Phil bought an apartment not far from his parents house when he did start university. Next month, June, when I graduate and turn 18, I'm going to move in with Phil. I've learned to tone out the verbal bullying, but sometimes I slip up. When I do, Phil is sitting next to me, telling me one of his original stories that helps me forget the bad. Phil and I have made some new friends like Chris and PJ, but no one can replace my first and only best friend, Phil Lester. I owe my life to him. Even on the worst days, I don't regret that he saved me by the bridge two years ago. I wish everyone could have a friend like Phil.

Author's note

This is where I end the written story, but it's not the end my friends. From this point forward, it's the reader's imagination that decides what becomes of Dan and Phil after they move in. Don't stop dreaming.

The End

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