Whole AgainMature

          Phil picked a paper off the floor and sat next to me. I looked and saw it was my letter speckled with tears, I gulped. How was he going to react? Is he angry with me? Phil turned towards me, he looked as though he was trying to find the right words to say.

         "Dan, we need to talk about this. Do you know you're wrong? Your logic is so flawed in this letter and you cannot fathom the fact that it's not the truth. You said we both knew this day would come, but you're wrong. Only I suspected that one day I would have to save you and that was today. When I didn't see you come to school, I pretended I was sick so I could go home. I waited and waited, eventually you came. You were gone by the time I ran downstairs, but I found this letter. I read it and sprinted towards the bridge. I reached the bridge just as you jumped. I didn't hesitate or think twice, I just dived in after you. I couldn't lose you. Did you know that as much as I helped you, you helped me? Dan, you shaped me into a better person."

         Phil stood up and led me to the bathroom. "Dan, do you think I'm fat?" I shook my head, Phil had an average build that I wish could be mine. He stepped on to the scale. "I'm 170 pounds, now you step on the scale." My heart pounded as I waited for the dreaded number to appear, I didn't want to look. "Dan, you only weigh 121 pounds." I did a double take to make sure he didn't accidentally switch the 1 and the 2, but the scale clearly showed 121. "You're an inch taller than me, yet you weigh 50 pounds less. Dan, you're not fat, you're underweight. 121 pounds is not healthy for someone who is 6'3"." I stared at a stranger in the mirror. Bones were too prominent and the skin of the face was drawn much too tight.

       "No one has the right to take your life, not even you. I won't let anyone kill you because you are my only friend. I will never forget you, never. As for people's lives being better once you're gone, you are so very wrong. The bullies would look back and wonder if it was all their fault. Those people who did bad things to you would live the rest of their lives with guilt. As for me, I would die inside. My only true purpose in life is to fix you which I couldn't do if you were gone. I'm going to make this better and we're going to make it through this together." I hugged Phil and we cried. We could make it through this because Phil and I are a whole.

The End

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