Second ChancesMature

         I barely registered the arms that reached around my waist while in my sleepy daze. I couldn't comprehend why my body was being dragged against the current. I could feel the air around me when I was pulled from he river, but I couldn't breath. I continued to fade from the world as I was set down on the river bank. Someone straddled me and began to give chest compressions.

        "Live goddammit!" I sputtered and coughed up the water. The first breaths stung the worst. Once I got my breathing under control, I opened my eyes. My vision was extremely blurry, I could only see the outline of a figure in front of me.

         My vision cleared and I saw my concerned friend staring at me. I hoarsely called out to him, "Phil." A tear streamed down his face as he pulled me into a warm embrace. I cried, not out of pain and misery, but rather happiness and hope. Phil risked his own life to give me a second chance. I don't even know how I came to have him as a friend. I forgot about all the horrible things that took place during my life and only remembered the strength of friendship.

         Phil pulled away and sternly looked at me. "Daniel James Howell, don't you ever scare me like that ever again." Then his stern look broke into his classic smile where the tongue peeks out the side. "I'm never ever letting you out of my sight. Now let's go home." I nodded and realized we were both shivering from the earlier dive into the river. Phil stood up and pulled me to my feet. I wobbled and would have fallen if he didn't put his arm around my waist for support. We hobbled back to his house. We changed into dry clothes. I sat on the bed, waiting for the speech that was sure to come.

The End

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