London BridgeMature

            I slid the note for Phil into my pocket. Deciding my bag would only slow me down, I left it in the shed. I walked as fast as I could for the first couple blocks because I didn't know if my step-father would be looking for me. After the first blocks, my pace drastically slowed. I had exhausted most of my energy, every new step was a struggle. The twenty minute walk to Phi's house took over an hour, but I was there and that's what mattered.
            I set the note on the door mat and placed a stone on it so it wouldn't blow away. I sat on the edge of the porch to catch my breath. I didn't worry about anyone seeing me because Phil would be at school and his parents at work. After a minute, I figured I should stop stalling and get this over with. I sorrily looked back at the safe house. I could have swore I saw a curtain move upstairs, but that was probably just what my mind wanted me to see. I turned away from the house and walked towards the bridge. It was a short walk, but I had to stop many a times to catch my breath and let the black spots fade away.
           I made it, this is where my book comes to a close. I look over the railing at the river, it was high and fast-moving due to the recent rain. I sat on the ledge and let my legs dangle off the side. I guess this is when I'm supposed to look back on my life. My name is Dan Howell. My father died when I was five and my mother married the asshole who abused me. The bullies at school liked to take my life to a new level of hell. I hate myself. I am anorexic and cut because I deserve the pain. I only had one friend all my life and his mane is Phil Lester. If not for him, I probably would have been dead a long time ago. Phil gave me hope, he was the light that guided me away from the darkness. Unfortunately, the darkness was stronger than the light. I'm sorry I put him through this. It's time I leave this cruel world once and for all.
          The fall was exhilarating, the rush made me feel as though I was alive for once in my life. Immediately after hitting the water, the current pulled me under. My last stand was finally here. I took a deep breath, the water rushed into my lungs. I feel myself slipping away, I close my eyes and embrace the coming eternal slumber.

The End

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