The Last GoodbyeMature

Dear Phil,

      In all my life, you were my only true friend. You gave up so much to help me. I'm forever grateful for all the times you took me in after a bad day. Your stories were always able to take my mind off all the problems in my life. I just wished you realized that all your help was in vain. I'm sure we both knew this day would come. It's time I mike room on this planet for better people than me.

      Since you care, I'll answer the question you always ask, "What's wrong?" My step-father greeted me when I got home from school. He listed off all the reason's why I'm a failure. Apparently he was bored with only using his fists to hurt me because he came out of the kitchen with a kettle of boiling water. But while he was in the kitchen, my mother came home. She denied my existence by walking past without a glance. I'm glad that mother and son relationships are so strong and bonding. Anyways, my step-father went to watch the telly after he was bored. I made my escape, but not unnoticed. Out of sight, I heard him say he would kill me when I returned home. He was literally going to kill me if I ever stepped in that house ever again. He doesn't deserve the right to take my life, only I do.

       I hope that as long as no one finds my body, everyone will just forget about me. I hope the current of the river will carry me far away once I jump. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I don't want you to hurt. Don't shed any tears if there is a funeral and don't mourn my loss. Your friendship was the only good thing to ever happen to me, but I never deserved it.



P.S. Forget about me life everyone else will, your life will be better if you forget I ever existed.

The End

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