The Time Is NowMature

         I heard my step-father turn on the telly, this was my only chance to escape. My vision faded and cleared with each passing wave of pain. It took a couple tries to prop myself up high enough to reach the door knob. My hand slid off the door knob because of all the water. Eventually, I got both hands on the door knob, twisted and yanked. I rolled out the door when my bag got caught on my foot. I tumbled down the front steps and the bag landed on my chest. I yelped involuntarily and he heard.

        "Oh Danny Boy. You're already for round two?" I didn't have much time before he would be at the door and dragging me back inside. A sudden burst of adrenaline got me on my feet. I jumped the fence and ran towards the neighbor's unlocked shed. I collapsed once the door was closed. I passed out from the over-exertion just as I heard my step-father call, "I'll find you, Danny Boy. Don't you worry, maybe this time I'll kill ya." His laughter faded and the mental nightmares replaced the real one.

        I woke to the sound of birds chirping, I must have slept through the evening and the night. Everything hurt and I mean everything. The pain was at least a hundred fold of the bullying incident a few days back. I didn't know what to do. If I went home, my step-father would surely kill me and I can't let him have that satisfaction. If anyone was going to end my life, it was going to be me. If I just killed myself, everyone's life would be a little bit brighter. No one will even care that I'm gone, except Phil. Oh Phil, he'll get over it fast. Maybe he will finally realize that I was never worth a second of his time.

       Now on to the important questions like where do I end it all and how? I have the blade in my bag, but I'm sure as hell not dying in this shed. My step-father would have a field day knowing I died next door, a really cowardly move. I don't want anyone in this town to find me, I don't want to be the laughing stock even in death. That left the bridge, the river would surely carry my body far, far away. I didn't want to write a suicide note, but I think Phil deserved an explanation.

The End

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