A Cup of TeaMature

         School wasn't bad. It wasn't good, but I've never had a good day at school. The bullies still called me all the names that came to their tiny, peanut sized brains. Although none of them physically touched me, they probably had some fresher meat to pummel. I noticed Phil going out of his way to make sure I got to all my classes okay. At the end of the day, Phil insisted on walking me home and didn't feel like arguing.  On the doorstep, Phil said goodbye and backtracked to his own house. I took a deep breath before opening the front door.

       The house stank of smoke and alcohol. My step-father stumbled into the hallway and smiled menacingly at me. "You finally decided to come home, faggot. Were you at your boyfriend's house? Oh wait, no one loves you, not even the gays." He pushed me against the door and started to lay into me, listing the reasons why I deserved to die. "This one is for being weak and this one ugly. Fat, freak, gay, faggot, wasting oxygen." The list went on and on as black spots appeared in my vision. I couldn't black out, things were worse when I was unconscious. He threw me into a vase which shattered. The vase became another reason for him to hit me harder. Then he stopped and went to the kitchen.

       I couldn't move from where I had fallen in the middle of the hallway. I heard the front door open and hoped it was Phil, but I knew it wasn't. My mother had come home from the store with groceries. I watched her scurry past me as if I wasn't even there. I knew better than to ask her for help. She was a coward and let me take most of the hits.

       "Oh Daniel," my step-father's drunken slur boomed through the house. He approached me with a kettle of boiling water. I knew he wasn't coming to offer me tea. "Here's a taste of what it's gonna feel like when you burn in hell." He poured the water all over me. I tried to suppress my screams as blisters formed everywhere the water hit. I wish he would just kill me. He left me lying in the hallway whimpering in pain. I slowly slithered towards the door hoping he wouldn't come back for a second round.

The End

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