The Lion Who Befriended the LlamaMature

        Phil was reading at his desk when I walked in. He smiled warmly at me and joked about my hobbit hair. This wasn't the first time I stayed over at Phil's house. Usually, Phil let me stay in his room while he would sleep in the guest room. I crawled into Phil's bed and curled up under the blue and green duvet. Phil turned off the reading lamp and moved towards the door.
      "Please don't leave, Phil." Every time I fell asleep alone, my sleep was plagued with nightmares. "Just stay until I fall asleep." Phil nodded and sat next to me on the bed. For the next ten minutes, Phil murmured a story about a lion who befriended a llama. I drifted to sleep and only dreamed of blackness which was much better than the nightmares or even my real life.
       I woke up to the sound of a car pulling out of the garage, Phil's parents must have left for work. I winced as the bruises rubbed together as I went to turn on the light. Phil had placed my washed jeans and one of his shirts to wear today on the side table. On the bathroom counter, Phil had placed a bottle of pain killers and had the straightener plugged in for me, knowing how much more people ridicule me with hobbit hair. I downed four pills dry, not wanting to waste time searching for a cup or a glass. My hair took about a half hour to straighten. It was almost 7:45, but luckily I didn't need breakfast and Phil only lived about two minutes from the school. Downstairs, I found Phil eating toast and skimming through the day's paper.
       "Morning, Dan!: Phil was always more of a morning person than I. "I know you won't eat any toast, but will you at least drink a glass of orange juice, please?" The sparkling blue orbs that were his eyes urged me to agree to his offer.
I looked at the glass and mentally calculated the calories of OJ. I wasn't great at maths, but when it came to calories, I was almost right on. The glass Phil held only had about a cup of juice, it probably was about 70 calories. With a pack of sugar-free gum, I could probably make it through the day consuming less than 100 calories. "Yeah, I'll have the orange juice." Phil smiled and his tongue peeked out the side of his mouth. I chugged the juice and at 7:55 we left the safe house to return to that hell hole yet again.

The End

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