Don't Leave MeMature

         After I finished telling what happened, Phil pulled me into a hug and reassured me, "You're perfect just the way you are. I'll always be here for you." As much as I wanted to believe him, I couldn't. He will be going off to university next year while I'm stuck in this hell hole for three more years. Just then, the world fell in on me and I couldn't control my sobs. Phil hugged me tighter as he continued to talk to me in a soothing voice. He rubbed my back while I soaked his shirt with my tears.

        I felt Phil release me and walk towards the door. "Where are you going?" What if he finally realized that this piece of scum wasn't worth his time.

       I was almost ready to grab the blade from my bag and hide in an alley when Phil's soft voice broke the silence. "I was going to make dinner. Would you like any stir-fry?"

       "No, I'm not hungry." My stomach growled, revealing I was lying, but Phil didn't protest. He didn't approve of my diet, he tells me I'm too thin and that my skinny jeans are baggy on me. Phil knew if he forced me to eat, I would just throw it up. I really wish I wasn't so fat because Phil makes the best stir-fry that's to die for. Although, the prospect of dying was appealing. My mouth watered as the scent of stir-fry filled the house. I curled tightly into a ball to resist the urge to run downstairs and join Phil in the calorie filled dinner. Phil returned to the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

         He handed me a glass of water and said, "I know you won't eat, but at least drink this. I'll eat outside and be back shortly. Why don't you wash up before bed?" I stayed curled up in the bed until I heard Phil wash the dishes. I climbed off the bed and into the bathroom down the hall. I removed my skinny jeans and realized I did't have any other clothes to change back into. Before I stepped into the shower, I plugged Phil's mp3 into the speaker on the counter and let the sound of Muse fill the room and block my thoughts. The water stung the cuts, but I stayed in the shower for a half hour, enjoying the warmth. When I stepped out of the shower, I noticed that Phil had slipped in and left me some pajamas to wear. I dried my hobbit hair and returned to the bedroom.

The End

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