A Long Way from HomeMature

Dan has been bullied for as long as he can remember. His step-father abuses him and the the bullies beat him up. Dan cuts and is anorexic, just a train wreck. He has one friend, Phil. Can Phil save Dan. Dan's point of view.

         Where am I? I woke up and found myself in some wooded area. I tried to move, but the pain of all the fresh bruises and cuts kept me still. I slowly got up and stumbled toward the nearest tree. The memories started to come back of the bullies taking me behind the school and beating the shit out of me. I don't blame them, all their words are true. They call me fat which is why I'm on the ABC diet. I slowly walked toward the road and decide where to go. I don't think I can make the twenty minute walk home without passing out. It's probably for the best since my step-father would just add to the bruises and remind me of how much of a failure I am. People don't understand that I punish myself enough on my own. I didn't realize I was walking during my inner monologue. I was on the doorstep of my only friend's house. I knocked on the door knowing only Phil would be home because his parents always worked late.

         The door opened and Phil gave me a look over. "Oh Dan," he said the words with no anger or malice, only sadness and a hint of pity. He pulled me inside and led me to the bathroom where he wet a washcloth. I hissed when he pressed to hard on one of the cuts. "I'm sorry, Dan." He told me to take off my shirt when he saw the blood seeping through it. Phil knew that the cuts on my flabby stomach were my own and that the bullies simply caused the cuts to open back up. He carried me to his bed before asking what was wrong.

         I'm surprised he's not sick of the same story every week, but I tell him anyway. "The other students were calling me names, the usual: gay, emo, faggot, bitch, like I've never heard them all heard. They wanted a reaction, but I just continued to do my homework. They didn't like that so they pushed me off the chair. They dragged me down the steps and outside into the wooded area behind the school. Out of sight of the teachers, they punched me continuously. One of them pulled out a knife. After a few cuts, I blacked out. Once I came to, I walked here."

The End

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